The unexpected meeting

Clue #2
This is the second fragment of the series of the mysterious story that I have been writing, THE OLD MAN. If you haven’t read the first fragment then check out it before reading The unexpected meeting at-

With numerous doubts in my mind I had become quite restless, I wanted to find out what exactly is the connection between these two men. I have always heard that there is actually someone on this planet who looks exactly like you but had never imagined I would come across such a situation.

Vikas could sense there was something bothering me so he came up to me and asked, “What is the matter with you? Why do you look so disturbed?” I told him about the two men, who looked so similar. He told me not to over think about them and concentrate on my work.

With this advice I let it go. The following day I had to go to Chunar Fort in Mirzapur to click pictures of the palace for the magazine. I was about to take the taxi to Chunar fort which is around 30 km away from Banaras, just as I was going to board my taxi I saw Devagya shaking hands with a fat rich man who wore black suit and was exchanging briefcase with Devagya.

I wondered why a poor person devoting all his time in worshiping God would be exchanging briefcase and having such formal meetings that too around the outer side of the city. This really puzzled me! I tried to hide myself behind a bus to watch his moves but suddenly both the men got into the car and left. Devagya always struck me as a peculiar character, I noted the number of the car, UP 3C 4Q 6914, as it faded into midst.

My driver had been looking for me and had been calling out my name loudly, so I had to let go with the whole incident and get into the cab. On my way I kept thinking about the way he shook hands with the other man. He didn’t seem to be a rugged old man at all. Infact he looked like a businessman by his gestures, only his clothes revealed that he is not Ashokchandra. I knew there is some mystery with the two men which needs to be solved.

As I reached Mirzapur, the massive Chunar Fort stood right in front of my eyes. The palace was exceptionally beautiful and huge. I suddenly forgot about the entire incident and got stuck by the heritage beauty of the fort. I knew the picutres to be clicked must justify the actual beauty of the fort and that’s how I spent my second day at Banaras.

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