10 Reasons Why I Am Pressing the Publish Button (and so do you!)

Hey there…first post on this journey. This is the starting point for me…moving from a place of inward thought and expression to something more external and public. In my mind, there is a button labeled “Publish” inside of me. You have one too, and everyone uses it each day…whether we know it or not. But for me, I am going to intentionally press it more often because I know I will be better for it. So here goes…time to press. Here is my list of reasons why I am pressing the “Publish Button”… and I think you need to do the same!

  1. I am ready to stand up and say, “Here I am, and this is what I made!”
  2. I want to share my talents, gifts, and ideas with the world and expect nothing in return.
  3. Showing my creative work helps me solve the challenges and problems of my life.
  4. I have to move past being just a person who makes a choice from what is presented to someone who creates a choice…mine.
  5. I am a unique palette of interests, ideas, and talents…no one else can share that with the world.
  6. I was given a voice and hands to interact with the world, and publishing is a necessary act to use those gifts.
  7. My life is better when I create, and that work is not complete until published.
  8. Expressing my creativity through or with people in my life feels awesome.
  9. It forces me to look inward to go outward as a person.
  10. My world will be better for it.

Now go press the button…

This was originally published on readwritejd.com

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