🎥 The authors of the FORSAGE idea together with the FORSAGE Academy are initiating the largest competition in terms of significance and prize fund in the history of FORSAGE - FORSAGE VIDEO MARATHON!

🎁 10 000 BUSD in total, 40 prizes

In addition to the prize money, you will receive an invaluable way to build up your team. Regardless of whether you win or not, you will be able to significantly increase your audience, improve your leadership skills.

Any FORSAGE user can take part, for this you just need to log in to FORSAGE.io and follow the instructions.

👉 Terms & conditions of the Marathon 👈

On September 13, 40 winners will be awarded, 10 places in each of the 4 categories:
🥇 1 place - 1000 BUSD
🥈 2 place - 500 BUSD
🥉 3 place - 300 BUSD
🏅 Places 4-5 - 150 BUSD
🎖 Places 6-8 - 100 BUSD
🎖 Places 9-10 - 50 BUSD

⏰ The Marathon starts TODAY, admissions until September 9, 2021
❗️ Share this post with all the members of your team!

👉 https://forsage.io/marathon

Join http://forsage.io/b/cid5p9/

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Команда Altcoinnectors на Forsage-BUSD

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Команда Altcoinnectors на Forsage-BUSD

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