A new level of transparency in college recruiting

Readyforce announces “Explore Your Options” to connect students who have job offers with companies that provide accelerated interviews.

You are 21 years old. You’ve studied hard and landed a summer internship at Apple. You hustle to impress your boss. And on the very last day… she offers you a job. You loved your summer. But it’s a huge life decision… New city, family, friends, loans. You’re given 4 weeks to decide. How do you feel?

Now imagine that every college recruiter knew that Apple wanted to hire you.

This summer, we talked with hundreds of college students and many feel stressed and anxious about their first career decision. We decided Readyforce should help.

Today, we are excited to announce a new program called EYO: Explore Your Options. The program is designed to connect summer interns that have received full-time job offers with companies that are willing to offer accelerated interviews. EYO levels the playing field between college students and companies and makes it easier for students to find the right first job, not just accept the first offer.

The program is simple. Students submit the name of the company that gave them an offer, when the offer expires and a resume. That information is shared with approved companies so they can review, pitch, interview and make their own offers before the first offer expires. Students benefit by weighing the pros and cons of multiple career options. Companies (regardless of recruiting budget, size or location) benefit by having an opportunity to pitch their vision and story to the top students across the country.

“Today’s announcement represents a completely new level of recruiting transparency where every college recruiter knows which companies have made offers to which students and when those offers expire,” says Alex Mooradian, CEO of Readyforce.

Pinterest, Microsoft and many startups have signed on and are excited by the vision of a completely transparent market and new level playing field. Others are nervous about their interns being “poached by other companies.” We’ve even had a few offer to pay us to keep their interns out of the program.

Students love it. More than 200 have signed up already with offers from Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon just to name a few. “This is an awesome idea,” said one Duke student.

As one VP of Engineering said, “This is such a great idea. A little scary, but I can’t wait to see how it plays out.”

Us too. Let’s get started. http://explore.readyforce.com/

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