What Colombian Girls Find In American Men?

4 min readMay 2, 2024

It’s always hard to believe such hotties like Colombian ladies can’t find love in their country. That’s a very common thought to have for many foreign males. And the very wrong one. Single women from Colombia can get a man anywhere but choose to do it abroad. Let’s find out why.

Why Colombian females are looking for a husband abroad?

What Colombian Girls Find In American Men

So many ladies, so many minds, no doubt. But they all have few common reasons to come up with such a decision.

They’re tired of machismo

Colombian men have as hot temper as local women do. They definitely look very sexy but it leads to narcissistic behavior. Many single girls from Colombia don’t want to marry men from their surrounding because they’re famous for causing family violence. Females suffer from pressure with such husbands — emotional, economical, and sexual. They simply don’t want to spend their whole life in fear.

They’re open to the world

Colombian girls are very curious by nature. They’re patriots, but don’t mind exploring the whole world. Learning new cultures and traditions is an exciting challenge for them and having a foreign husband is the best way to do it. They have a positive attitude to life which means there are no borders in their heads. Tunnel vision isn’t about modern Colombians. That’s why they see no difficulty in love from a distance.

They want to melt in man’s hands

It’s clear life with a Colombian husband will be like a firework, you never know when it’ll explode. There’s no confidence about the future and the woman has to control her every action and word not to make him angry. Moreover, he controls her too. In such an atmosphere it’s hard to relax and enjoy life. It’s not the love they’re looking for.

They want their future kids to be happy

Tyrannical husbands have a huge impact on children as well, especially on daughters. It’s not a secret we all perceive and learn the world from an early age, and the model of the family to get in the future is what our subconsciousness remembers from childhood. Seeing the way a father treats mom a kid thinks it’s ok, and there’s a huge possibility he or she will have the same in his future family. Colombian women desire to break this cycle of violence.

What do Colombian ladies expect from American husbands?

What Colombian Girls Find In American Men

Financial stability

The wish to have a good, wealthy life doesn’t mean they’re gold diggers. It’s the care of herself and her future kids. They’re taught a man should be the provider in the family and it’s hard to get in Colombia where males are more self-concentrated than aimed to have better living conditions.

Generous attitude

Colombian ladies like to feel themselves like queens. When a man treats her with nice compliments, little presents, and beautiful flowers, she knows she’s needed and desired. This makes her flourish even more! And it’s impossible not to pamper such a seductive beauty, isn’t it?


Local men are spoiled having such hot Colombian hotties around them. That’s why they’re not ashamed to have few girlfriends at the same time. They consider themselves sex-gods and want to prove it to every female in the neighborhood. On the contrary, American grooms are known for being faithful and devoted to the wife.

Challenges of a marriage with a Colombian woman

Marrying a Colombian girl you get not only the hottest wife in the world but a bunch of special cultural peculiarities you wasn’t ready for:

  • Colombian lady will be jealous of every female in your surroundings. She’ll get angry if you talk with your colleague on Facebook late night, or when you’ll stare at the sexy stranger in the restaurant.
  • She’ll make drama easily out of nowhere. Your first reaction might be shock and anger, and that’s obvious. But such behavior only means she cares about you. You better worry when she’s calm and cold.
  • She’ll always be late. No need to show up on a date with a Colombian lady in time as she won’t be there for an extra 30 minutes for sure.


Desire of Colombian women to have an American husband isn’t based on materialistic purposes. They want to have a happy life, convenient and comfortable for them and their kids. So don’t be afraid of getting to know her, as she knows how to change your life for the better!