How Much Do Asian Brides Cost?

12 min readApr 24, 2024
Asian Brides Cost

If your goal is to meet an Asian woman and possibly marry her, the success of your romantic journey is the first thing on your mind. However, it’s also a well-known fact that this kind of experience doesn’t come for free. So how much does an Asian mail order bride cost and what are the less obvious expenses you’ll face? Our guide to Asian mail order bride prices will answer any questions you might have.

Can you really buy an Asian wife?

When using popular international dating services or researching Asian brides online, you can often come across phrases like “buy Asian wife” or “Asian brides for sale”. If you don’t have any experience with international dating and don’t really know how this works, you can get the wrong idea about the kind of relationships these websites facilitate.

In reality, there is no opportunity to buy yourself a bride these days, both from the moral and the legal standpoint. When these terms are used by online dating services and relationship guides, they simply mean an opportunity for Western men to look for a potential match online, using money to make the search more effective.

Best Sites to Meet Asian Mail Order Bride

1. SakuraDate

Rating: ★★★★★

Best For: Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Brides

Description: SakuraDate stands out as the top choice for Western men interested in the sophisticated charm of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese women. This site offers robust communication tools like messaging, video calls, and cultural exchange features, making it perfect for building meaningful relationships. SakuraDate’s focus on these cultures makes it a prime destination for those captivated by the elegance and traditions of Asia, making it an excellent platform for finding an Asian mail order bride.

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2. EasternHoneys

Rating: ★★★★★

Best For: Diverse Asian Mail Order Brides

Description: EasternHoneys excels in connecting Western men with women from various Asian countries, including China, Thailand, and Vietnam. The site offers a wide range of features such as chat, video calls, and translation services, ensuring that language barriers won’t hinder your search for the perfect match. It’s an excellent choice for those interested in exploring different aspects of Asian culture and building meaningful relationships with potential brides.

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3. Philitalks

Rating: ★★★★★

Best For: Filipino and Asian Mail Order Brides

Description: Although Philitalks primarily specializes in connecting Western men with Filipino women, it also has a notable number of members from other Asian countries. This site provides various communication options to deepen your understanding and relationship with potential partners. It’s a welcoming space for those who appreciate the warmth and hospitality of Asian women and are looking for genuine connections leading to marriage.

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4. Orchidromance

Rating: ★★★★☆

Best For: Southeast Asian and Chinese Mail Order Brides

Description: Orchidromance is ideal for those who want to meet women from Southeast Asia and China. The platform offers excellent features such as messaging, video chats, and virtual gifts, making it easier to connect with Asian women and explore their unique cultures and traditions. It’s a solid choice for building long-term relationships with potential brides from these regions.

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5. TheLuckyDate

Rating: ★★★★☆

Best For: Comprehensive Asian Mail Order Bride Exploration

Description: TheLuckyDate is a great platform for those who want to explore connections with Asian women from various countries. This site offers various communication tools, including chat and video calls, along with detailed profiles to help you find someone who matches your preferences. It’s ideal for those seeking a broad dating experience with a focus on finding an Asian mail order bride.

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Asian mail order wife: cost of online dating

Most relationships between Asian mail order brides and their Western admirers now start online, and it’s not surprising. Dating online is convenient, flexible, effective, and doesn’t break your bank. However, it’s still important to know how much online dating will add to your overall Asian mail order wife cost.

Most international dating sites work on the same principle: you get limited functionality as a free user, can do more with a Premium membership, but need in-site currency to access some of the most essential features. Here are those features and prices explained in detail.


When you sign up for a dating site, you are automatically granted a free membership. With a free subscription, you can browse women’s profiles and view their photos, but that’s usually it. If you want more, you will need a Premium membership.

Its cost depends on the site. For example, TheLuckyDate charges $2.99 for 2,000 credits, but you can get a free trial for novice users. And EasternHoneys or AsianMelodies do not have a Premium membership option at all — all users there have equal opportunities and can upgrade their experience using credits.

Communication tools

Whether you are paying for a membership or not, you shouldn’t expect it to have all the features included in a membership. In most cases, you will need to pay for communication features separately. This includes mail, chat, video chat, phone calls, virtual gifts, and any other feature you want to use.

You can typically make the first move, such as say hi or send a wink to the lady for free, but other than that, you will need to pay for communication features using credits. On some sites, such as EasternHoneys and AsianMelodies, you get bonus credits for free after signing up. Here are the typical prices for credit packages offered by the most popular Asian dating sites.

Most international dating sites also have a gift delivery feature. It works very simply: you choose a gift for the woman from the range of available options, which can include anything from floral arrangements and sweets to iPhones and jewelry.

Then you pay for the gift and the delivery fee. The site then contacts their partner in your bride’s city, and the gift is delivered straight to her home while you get photo proof of the delivery. The delivery is typically minimal, but the price for gifts ranges from $50 to over $1,000.

Asian Brides Cost

Asian mail order bride prices: offline dating

Online dating is convenient and has a lot of advantages, but you probably cannot make the life-changing decision to marry someone after only talking to them online. Whether you communicate with your Asian bride exclusively online for a couple of months or for over a year, you will eventually need to visit her in her home country to make sure that your connection is real. Here is how much this trip can cost you.


Out of all popular destinations to find a bride around the world, Asia is probably the farthest one from the US. This is why roundabout plane tickets to Asia can make up a significant part of your travel budget.

The cost of tickets depends on your destination and the season, as well as whether you are booking them in advance or with short notice. On average, a ticket for one to and from Asia can cost you from $800 to $1,800.


Asia is not a homogenous region, and hotel prices can be very different across the continent. Your hotel budget depends not only on the hotel class or brand, but also on the popularity of the destination with tourists and, again, on the season.

At the same time, unless you are taking a trip somewhere else together, you are likely going to stay in your hotel alone while your bride stays at home. So there may be no need to go for the fanciest hotel and you can stay in a nice but affordable place to avoid overspending. 14 days in a hotel in Asia can cost you anywhere from $600 to $2,000.


Food is not something you can skip completely when traveling. Even if your hotel provides breakfast, you’ll have other meals to take care of. Asia is a region known for its affordable and delicious street food, but you probably cannot survive on street food alone for two weeks.

Plus, you will have a lot of wonderful dates with your Asian bride, and chances are many of them will take place in decent restaurants. A food budget for two in Asia can range from $500 to $1,000.


When visiting a foreign country, especially when you have an Asian mail order bride to impress and to get to know better, you will need to have an entertainment budget. Nightclubs, museums, parks, beaches, karaoke are just some things you can do with your bride in Asia that require money. You can expect to spend between $400 and $800 on entertainment.


As a single tourist in Asia, you can use public transportation and end up spending no more than $100 for two weeks. However, since you’re going to visit lots of different places with your bride, you will likely need to use taxi services or rent a car. Two weeks of transportation can set you back $300-$500.

Asian mail order bride cost in the most popular countries

All the talk about buying an Asian bride and the costs associated with it usually doesn’t specify the country. At the same time, Asia is a huge continent consisting of 48 different countries, and the cost of visiting, for example, India can be very different from your travel budget in South Korea. We’ve decided to give you the estimates of the 5 most popular countries in Asia for international dating and the most common expenses you’ll face there.


Thailand is one of the most attractive countries for Western tourists thanks to its dreamy beaches and vibrant nightlife. It’s also a fantastic place to meet women or to spend a few special days with a Thai bride you’ve met online.

Thailand is not the most expensive country on our list, but the quality of your stay very much depends on the budget you can afford. You can spend two weeks in Thailand on a very tight budget, but your experience of the country will increase as your budget increases. Here is the average budget for a 2-week stay in Thailand.

  • Airfare — $1,200
  • Hotel — $800
  • Food — $500
  • Entertainment — $400
  • Transportation — $300


China is one of the most famous yet most perplexing countries in Asia. It’s mostly known for its economic advancement, not its tourist attractions, and walking around China’s megapolis cities can feel overwhelming at times.

However, a trip to China can give you a lot of fond memories, especially when you share it with your Chinese mail order bride. You should be prepared for the fact that China can be pretty expensive for foreign tourists, especially when you are paying in restaurants and entertainment spots for two. This is how much a two-week trip to China can cost you.

  • Airfare — $1,500
  • Hotel — $900
  • Food — $600
  • Entertainment — $500
  • Transportation — $300


Vietnam is widely known as one of Asia’s best destinations for a beach holiday. This country’s lovely beaches, paired with its gorgeous nature and ancient history, can give you a lot of memories you’ll cherish forever, along with the time you spend with your Vietnamese bride.

Another great thing about Vietnam is that it’s not an expensive country at all, and whatever kind of budget you operate on, you can afford a decent holiday in Vietnam. Food, accommodations, and entertainment are more affordable in Vietnam than in most other destinations in Asia. Here are the average prices of staying in Vietnam for 2 weeks.

  • Airfare — $1,000
  • Hotel — $700
  • Food — $400
  • Entertainment — $300
  • Transportation — $200
Asian Brides Cost


Japan is an expensive country even by Western standards. It’s not very friendly to budget travelers, especially if you are staying in Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. Plus, you are going to be often paying for two, which means your food and entertainment expenses can almost double.

However, if you have a Japanese mail order bride you can imagine as your future wife, you have no choice but to book a trip to Japan. This is how much men spend on average for a two-week stay in one of Japan’s biggest cities.

  • Airfare — $1,800
  • Hotel — $1,200
  • Food — $700
  • Entertainment — $600
  • Transportation — $400


The Philippines is sometimes overlooked as a travel destination in Asia because there are so many fantastic places to visit. What it’s definitely famous for is Filipino mail order brides. Every year, thousands of Western men marry Filipino brides, and that is obviously impossible without meeting in person at least once, which means you’ll need to put a trip to the Philippines on your itinerary.

Since it’s not particularly popular with foreign tourists, the Philippines is not a very expensive country. Depending on the season, it can cost you a lot to get there by plane, but once you’re actually there, you shouldn’t expect your expenses to be overwhelming. This is what a typical budget for a 2-week stay in the Philippines looks like.

  • Airfare — $1,800
  • Hotel — $800
  • Food — $500
  • Entertainment — $400
  • Transportation — $300

Cost of marriage

If you want to meet Asian women on online dating sites, you will need to learn the potential cost of marriage. While dating Asian women online requires expenses, the aspects related to marriage need special consideration. Even though the price may vary depending on the type of wedding ceremony and the preferences of your beautiful Asian wife, the average cost of marriage is flexible. So, if you want to buy Asian wife, be ready for the following expenses.

  • Flight tickets for your future wife. Depending on the Asian country of your choice, the price may vary from $400 to $1,000.
  • Fiance visa for your Asian bride. A foreign lady can’t legally enter the US without a legally issued visa. Real Asian brides get it without any hassle, though its cost is about $2,000.
  • Wedding ceremony. The average price for a wedding ceremony with beautiful Asian girls is about $10,000. Nevertheless, it is possible to fine-tune this amount of money by inviting a certain number of guests or organizing a less fancy ceremony. Moreover, some Asian cultures imply organizing a wedding celebration in two countries. So, if you are going to marry Asian bride, you will need to consider this factor as well.
  • Everyday expenses. Most likely, your cute Asian woman won’t work at the very beginning of your life in the US. While she is waiting for a work permit, you will need to support her financially. Aside from food, entertainment, and driving expenses, you will need to pay for the educational courses for your Asian woman to find her place in an absolutely new world.

Asian mail order brides legal issues

Before bringing an Asian woman to the US, you will need to make all the legal issues work for your union. First off, it is necessary to help your Asian girl apply for a visa. It is worth mentioning that you can get two types of visas: K1 and CR1. While the former is issued for a couple who is going to get married in the US, the latter is designed for those who have already married in one of the Asian countries and want to bring their Asian ladies to the US. Check out the average cost for mail order Asian brides visas to bring your spouse to the US without any hassle.

Risks and challenges while building relationships with an Asian bride

While building relationships with hot Asian women is awesome, you can face potential challenges either on dating websites or dating Asian girls in real life. Being equipped with relevant information about potential risks and challenges, building relationships with Asian women for sale will be a breeze.

  • Language barrier. Not all Asian singles speak English. A few mail order brides who communicate on dating platforms have fluent English-speaking skills. While you can easily fix the situation with the help of a digital translator on an Asian dating site, you will need to make mutual efforts to overcome a language barrier with sexy Asian brides.
  • Cultural differences. Whether you want to tie knots with Japanese or Thai mail order brides, most likely, you will follow different relationship tendencies and have different values. Nevertheless, there aren’t any obstacles to love. When you communicate with your Asian bride online, you will find many things in common.
  • Romance scams. Even if you approach the best dating sites, nobody can give you a 100% guarantee that you can avoid romance scams. That is why you should be cautious when communicating with hot Asian brides on a dating platform. Never transform money to strangers or reveal your personal info to protect your billing data from scammers.
  • Challenges of a long-distance relationship. When you communicate with Asian mail order wives online, you may experience numerous misunderstandings due to the lack of physical interaction. Moreover, the distance may negatively affect intimacy with hot Asian girls.