Problems Marrying A Colombian Woman: Hidden Stones

5 min readMay 2, 2024

Do you think your mission is completed when you finally get the heart of the Colombian bride? That’s only the start! Having such a passionate wife is a challenge and with all the cultural differences, in addition, you’ll have a lot to deal with. Life together always reveals new personalities and the earlier you accept this fact, the more likely you’ll not end divorcing. So, what actually awaits you after you marry a Colombian woman?

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They’re jealous

Problems Marrying A Colombian Woman

If while dating on the distance it seemed cute and sweet to you when she worried about your likes on Instagram, it real life together it might get irritating. Men who marry Colombian women have to be ready for the regular scenes. If your wife acts offended, ask her honestly what happened, she is not going to tell you this herself anyway. Staring at the pretty woman on the street, saying HI to the colleague in the restaurant, chatting with your old school mate in the social media — all these will definitely raise questions in your Colombian wife’s head.

They’re too close with the family

Despite the fact her parents won’t interfere with your relations be ready to hear about them every day. Colombian ladies can spend hours on phone discussing with mom all the latest news or asking for cooking advice. Not to mention all the holidays, they’ll gladly come for a visit and wait for you at their home too.

High libido

Nothing changes for Colombian women after marriage. She expects you to be as passionate as you bragged you’re at the beginning of dating. Men tend to exaggerate their bed feats, so think twice before telling your Colombian beloved how insatiable you’re — she’ll definitely check it. Regular sexual life and keeping the fire of passion burning is the duty of every Colombian wife.

They’re demanding

Choosing to marry Colombian women, you have to be ready for the fact you can’t give up after the wedding. It’s a well-spread tendency for gentlemen to relax after winning a woman’s heart and not to pay a decent level of attention to her anymore. This won’t work with a Colombian wife. She expects you to continue being such a generous and attentive beau. Don’t forget to surprise her with little presents and beautiful bouquets regularly, otherwise, she won’t hesitate to remind you about this.

Frequent emotional scenes

Passionate nature influences not only the sexual life with such a wife. Marriage with a Colombian woman is like a firework that explodes frequently. Now always you’ll be the reason for her emotions, so don’t get surprised if she starts a quarrel with a postman in the early morning. To upset a Colombian lady is very easy, so think of the ways to handle her hot temper.

She’ll always have two homes

Even after marriage and moving in with you a Colombian woman will never forget about her motherland. It’s important for her to visit her relatives, parents, close friends, to visit graves of her ancestors and celebrate family holidays together. Provide her with a possibility to travel back home regularly, and she’ll reward you with a warm devoted love.

You’ll have too much Spanish daily

Every time your Colombian wife is unhappy with something she’ll turn to Spanish. Remember those scenes from famous soap operas where beauties start to speak Spanish when someone disappoints them? Get used to this in your life. It’s better to learn her language a bit so you at least understand what’s wrong.

They want many children

Colombian women are raised in big families so after marriage they want to create the same model. It’s common for the USA to have 1–2 kids and in Colombia, it’s about 3–5. To understand and accept this fact at the beginning of relationships is crucial not to have problems in the future.

What’s the positive side of marriage with a Colombian woman?

Problems Marrying A Colombian Woman

Regardless of all the problems you can face with your Colombian wife there are more advantages of such a bond. Here’s what you get marrying a Colombian:

  • Caring mothers. Colombian women are rather strict but still caring mothers. They teach their children to value family traditions and respect the older generation. These ladies try to genuinely enact equal partnership at home. The same applies to growing children.
  • Hard-working. Colombian ladies work very hard to reach success at their work. Although they put the family in the first place, career plays a vital role in the lives of Colombian beauties.
  • Supportive wives. Whichever problems you encounter, your Colombian wife will always give you a piece of good advice. You can rely on your partner since you will always look in one direction.
  • Good talkers. You will never get bored with your wife since Colombian women are excellent talkers. Your partner will always choose the right words to make the conversation flow and fun. However, be ready your woman will demonstrate a bursting passion during the conflicts.
  • Have an excellent sense of style. Colombian ladies know how to amaze men with their outfits. They choose stylish clothing and accessories to highlight their elegance. They don’t apply much makeup to preserve their natural beauty. You will be blown away by the everyday looks of your gorgeous wife.
  • Full dinner table. Just try a Colombian cuisine once and fall in love forever.
  • Enviable wife. All your friends will envy you when such a hot beauty holds your hand.
  • Lots of touches. Colombian ladies prefer to demonstrate their love through touches, kisses, hugs, even on public.
  • No shyness. Forget about feeling shy or embarrassed in the company, your wife will teach you how to feel free and open.
  • Sexual experiments. All you fantasized about being a teenager she is ready to implement in real life.
  • New traditions. She’ll teach you how to create a very warm family circle with a strong connection.

Final word

Marrying a Colombian woman is never a challenge for those who are ready to expand his world outlook. Despite all the new things she can bring in your life it’s not really hard to get used to them and love your new traditions and habits. Having all the information mentioned above in the consideration it’s in your arms to maintain a happy family life with your Colombian lady. Show your beloved one how meaningless any problems are for you!