Types of Dating: Top Options to Build Relationships

8 min readApr 28, 2024

Relationship tendencies have drastically changed nowadays. That is why people rely on many different types of dating and approaches to creating love affairs. Whether you strive to get involved in a casual relationship or a more profound connection, you might feel overwhelmed with the dating formats currently available. This article outlines the different types of dating and offers valuable tips to navigate each format with confidence for finding a relationship. Once you have this information up your sleeve, you will become aware of various types and decide which level of commitment works for you perfectly.

What is Online Dating?

Online dating is the process of meeting potential matches using the benefits of modern technologies. This kind of dating has acquired vast popularity with the development of dating apps or sites. Based on the 2022 Statista survey, there were over 366 million dating service users who were on the lookout for romantic relationships online. This survey states that by 2027, there will be 440 million people looking for love on online dating services.

Getting engaged in a romantic relationship on dating websites is a streamlined process. All you need is to create a profile, add a photo, and start the search for a person who meets your expectations. You can use built-in communication features to establish contact with potential partners. A lot of websites incorporate advanced functionality, so you can meet new people and enjoy every single moment of your romantic experience. You may or may not use paid features at the very beginning of your experience since numerous platforms come with free trials or bonuses for novice users.

Overall, online dating is the most common and popular way to build romantic relationships. Even though it implies long-distance dating, you will have enough time and tools to find your potential matches and get to know them better before a real meeting. Therefore, you can avoid unnecessary acquaintances and find a potential partner who resonates with your life goals.

What Types of Dating Services Exist?

The modern market offers multiple dating services that cater to the needs of different categories of users. Therefore, the companies produce various products to serve a specific type of audience. While some love-seekers prefer to use desktop versions of the sites to search for suitable matches, others opt for mobile apps to have the opportunity to date on the move. There is no right or wrong way to get involved in online dating. You just need to choose the option that suits you most.

Online Dating Websites

Dating sites vary in terms of the target audience you can meet there, dating objectives, and functionality. For example, some platforms are focused on chatting while others incorporate video call features and even more advanced functionality. The no less essential thing is the search filters. Modern dating websites allow you to find a romantic partner in a short period based on particular parameters such as age, country, and even physical attributes. The reliable platforms also include a tech support system, which allows you to solve all your issues in a matter of several clicks.

Dating Apps

If you are all about mobility and a romantic relationship on the move, feel free to download a reputable dating app. You can meet someone special just by swiping profiles or using the search options. There are different kinds of dating apps. While some of them are suitable for casual dating with a video call, others will fit those who are on the lookout for a potential match for marriage.

Typically, mobile dating apps aren’t inferior to their desktop contenders in terms of functionality. They offer a streamlined way to date someone who resonates with your romantic goals. Moreover, you can always chat with potential partners on the move, which adds a dose of convenience to the overall experience.

What Thematic Dating Exists?

If you are looking for a special kind of commitment or expectation, you can delve deeper into thematic dating. Such dating involves building a romantic connection with a specific category of like-minded people, who want to derive something special from such a connection.

Depending on the dating category of your choice, you can achieve a vibrant experience and drastically improve your love life. Who knows, maybe serial daters or friends with benefits will perfectly work for you and help you find true love. Discover the different categories of thematic dating, and let your imagination run wild for new experiments.

Virtual Dating

Virtual dating allows you to build a committed relationship online before meeting in real life. You can browse social media profiles or register on a trusted dating site to search for a good match. Once you communicate online, you can decide whether you match each other or not. If you feel like you have a special rapport with your partner, you can continue dating and build a long-term commitment to develop your bonds into something special. Here are some advantages of virtual dating:

  • You can avoid unwanted connection
  • It is possible to get to know your partner before organizing dates
  • You can feel comfortable while communicating with your partner from the comfort of your home

LGBTQ+ Dating

Dating within the LGBTQ+ community is connected with building romantic relationships with people of diverse sexual preferences and gender connections. Such type of dating implies finding a partner for physical intimacy and casual relationships.

This form of dating refers to the LGBTQ+ spectrum, which may involve transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and other non-traditional types of dating. Once you get engaged in LGBTQ+ dating, you can make the most out of various experiences, from casual dating to a long-term relationship. The cornerstones of successful LGBTQ+ dating are open communication, mutual respect, and platonic support.

Interracial Dating

Interracial dating is often associated with building bonds with a partner of a different ethnicity and race. It involves a commitment or casual flirts — everything depends on a potential partner’s goals. If you are interested in discovering a new culture and creating a rapport with someone of a different race, feel free to organize a one-on-one date with someone either online or offline. Even though interracial dating implies overcoming some cultural differences and language barriers, it is a proven way to find a partner and open new horizons in romantic life.

Christian Dating

Christian dating has grown increasingly popular nowadays, with shifting cultural standards having a significant influence on the pursuit of love, courtship, and purity. The dating scene today is even more favorable for Christians who want to live by biblical principles, especially when it comes to locating like-minded believers with comparable relationship goals. There are a lot of dedicated sites that gather Christian believers together and help them form family relationships.

Senior Dating

If you are attracted to senior people and want to add an extra dose of maturity to your relationship, approaching senior dating may be a great idea. Numerous online and offline communities help mature singles find romantic and sexual partners. You can choose the preferred age category of your match and create open relationships or just spend great time together. Senior dating often results in a serious relationship since mature people are experienced enough and have defined love goals.

Professional Dating

Would you like to go on a date with an educated single just like you? Professional dating will certainly work for you. You can join specifically designed communities that cater to the needs of busy professionals who want to start a new chapter of their double dating story and create a committed relationship. Sometimes it is important for partners to be engaged in the same activity or have similar careers and goals. That is why more and more people choose professional dating methods to create love affairs.

Travel Dating

If you are an aspiring traveler, you may want to have a person who is on the same page in terms of life views by your side. This type of dating is about relationships where people adjust to different circumstances and build bonds while being constantly on the go. Travel dating doesn’t only imply creating a long-term relationship. It is also about friendship, mutual attraction, and having fun together. The key points of travel dating are:

  • Similar goals and interests
  • Mutual comfort from getting engaged in the same activity
  • The ability to share the same emotions by visiting new places together
  • Adventure and exploration

College Dating

What can be more exciting than casual dating with college fellows? It is possible to get involved in double dating or organize a group date — the possibilities of college dating are limitless. You can join dating sites with young people who are looking to explore romantic possibilities with different people. Overall, college dating represents a one-of-a-kind dating experience marked by a distinct combination of events and obstacles linked with the collegiate atmosphere.

Divorced Dating

If you are on the lookout for a second chance to find someone after a divorce, this is one of the double dating methods that might help. Whether you want to date casually or are looking for serious dating, you still have a high chance of finding a soulmate. Divorced dating implies creating different types of relationships, and it isn’t necessarily marriage. Just establish a connection with several divorced singles and see where your experiences will lead.

Long-distance Dating

A long-distance relationship occurs when you and your partner do not live in the same place and are physically separated. Work, education, family commitments, immigration-related concerns, or other complications may need you to be apart. A long-distance relationship may imply some challenges, but if partners nurture each other with love, overcoming all the obstacles will be a breeze. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, organize frequent phone conversations & video chat sessions, and exchange text messages with your significant other. Therefore, you can become aware of daily happenings and romantically connect. Spending time together and having intimacy is essential, even if thousands of miles are between you.

Friends with Benefits

A friends-with-benefits relationship implies a sexual experience with a friend, without building a more profound connection. The partners aren’t codependent and are free to date different people, and it doesn’t mean they cheat each other. If you experience a physical attraction to your friend, this type of dating might be your best fit. There is no need to make assumptions about your bonds, but you still need to discuss boundaries and expectations of each other to avoid future disappointments. This adds more clarity to such a type of connection and ensures that both partners are on the same page and choose the right flow of their relationships.

Long-term Dating

Long-term dating is a type of dating that relies on monogamous relationships. It focuses on mutual support, deep commitment, and showcasing sincere emotions. Long-term dating may not be exclusive, but it potentially leads to profound bonds and marriage. For successful relationships, both partners in a couple should ensure their compatibility and have the urge to be together. Those who are engaged in live-in relationships should not only focus on intimacy but also on friendship and mutual support.

Casual Dating

Among many dating methods, a casual approach to relationships is the most suitable one. When you are interested in another person and want to have fun together, casual dating might be a nice idea. In this case, both partners don’t have serious expectations, and they just follow the flow of their love affairs. If you are all about getting involved in fun activities with a compatible partner, just organize a one-night stand and see where it goes.

Speed Dating

Speed dating implies organizing a blind date in a public place or online. It is a popular social event format for bringing romantically motivated people together. This blind date enables people to communicate with several possible partners in a short period, allowing them to quickly assess compatibility and even deeper love romances. Such blind dates may be especially beneficial for individuals looking to broaden their horizons in love encounters and increase their social life.