What Are Colombian Women Like: 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Colombian Women

5 min readMay 2, 2024


To decide to look for a wife is only half of the deal. Now you probably face such a variety of beauties that you don’t know where to start and what exactly you want. This short but complete list will tell you everything about Colombian women and why they’re worth your attention.

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Common features of all Colombian brides

What Are Colombian Women Like

They’re full of sexual energy

Just one glance at the way they look is enough to understand they’re smoking hot! It’s all well seen in her moves, clothes, the way she speaks and smiles. Beautiful Colombian girls leave you no chance to remain calm and cold. Your blood will be boiling when she is around.

They love life

A true Colombian lady faces all the problems with a smile. She will always find a reason for being happy and grateful for the day. With her, your life will more likely turn into the festival, full of bright colors and loud music.

They’re emotional

This hottie will cry because of a good touching movie, an argument with her close person, and rain outside when she wants to go out! This way she releases all negative emotions and doesn’t let them stuck inside. The faster you get used to this and understand how to handle it, the faster you’ll notice how little negative she has in her life.

They’re shy

Appearance can be deceptive. Wearing a super short skirt and heels, drawing attention to their sexy curves Colombian ladies aren’t easy to get in reality. If she likes you, she’ll most probably be shy, that’s the sign.

They’re late always and everywhere

Work, date, casual meeting — don’t get surprised if she doesn’t show up in time. Sometimes it takes her even an hour to come. No wonder every person can get irritated in such a situation, but there’s no other way to deal with it — just to accept this as a fact.

They appreciate physical contact

Being even on the first date a Colombian girl will try to touch you more often than you expect this. This is how they establish a closer connection with people and check if there is any chemistry. And it is every possible to stay calm when such a hottie touches you? Hardly.

They prefer older men

That’s because they are taught from early childhood that man is the breadwinner, and he must take care of his wife and a family in general. Too often, guys of the same age aren’t ready for such a life and prefer to have fun first. That’s why Colombian ladies find shelter in the gentle and reliable arms of an older husband.

They’re close with family

Parents mean the world to them and it would be the biggest mistake to try to break that connection. They love to spend holidays together and discuss every little detail. Every Colombian wife will bring these values to your family as well.

They’re patriots

On the one hand, Colombians are very open and can easily move to another country. They love exploring different cultures and traditions and having love abroad is an exciting challenge to them. But at the same time, your Colombian wife will always have two homes. She’ll want to visit relatives regularly.

They care about themselves

What Are Colombian Women Like

To spend 3 hours in the bathroom is a normal thing for all Colombian women. They adore different procedures for the body, hair, and face. They’re also professional in doing makeup, they know how to highlight the strong sides. Maybe that’s why they’re always late.

They’re jealous

A like on Instagram for some beautiful girl you don’t even know will lead to an emotional scandal. Colombian brides love feeling princesses. She has to know she is one and only for you, and any attention to another lady will disappoint her immensely.

They like to play hard to get

If you are aimed to win a Colombian heart you have to be patient. It may take you months to actually hear some cute words from her. Although she might like you from the very first date, she’ll keep silent and just enjoy how you’re trying to impress her. And it’s hard to get offended because of such behavior when she is so sexy, agree? Worth waiting definitely!

They know everything about flirt

It’s a kind of pleasurable game for all Colombian girls. They really enjoy this as it’s the best way to create a chemistry between two people and feel attraction more and more. Be ready for a constant tease and better learn some art of flirt.

Knowing all these facts, how to handle such a hot-tempered beauty?

  1. Keep calm and just play her rules. Flirt, prove you’re a great partner, and pamper her in various ways.
  2. Do your best to get her mom’s approval. Colombian girl always consults her.
  3. Tease her. She’s a fire and you’ll feel the desire any time you’re with her. Give her a little taste of her own medicine. She’ll be intrigued definitely!
  4. Respect her temper. When she’s started an emotional argument with you don’t play her rules, just stay cool and let her release all the negative she has inside.

To sum up

Colombian girls are fruit to desire. If you lack colors and passion in your life, she has to be your choice! With such a seductive appearance and open soul, even drawbacks turn into advantages.