Why Do Asian Women Want To Marry American Men?

10 min readApr 24, 2024
Asian Women Want To Marry American Men

If you look at the number of relationships and marriages between Asian women & American men, one thing becomes perfectly clear: the attraction between these two ethnicities is undeniable. But why do so many Asian women marry white men, and why are American men drawn to Asian ladies? Here is your guide to Asian women seeking American men.

Why are Asian women looking for American men for marriage?

Asia is a huge continent with almost 50 countries. Of course, we cannot claim that every single Asian woman wants to marry an American guy. However, there is definitely a trend of Asian women wanting to marry American men and actively seeking them online. Here are just a few reasons why women in Asia find American guys appealing.

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Asian women are visually attracted to them

The appearance of American men is not the only reason why they are so attractive to Asian ladies, but it’s certainly one of the top reasons. Just the stark contrast between the appearance of local guys and Western men instantly draws Asian women to them.
And it’s not just the way they look, but also the way they present and care for themselves. The body types and personal style of American gentlemen, and even their hairstyles and the cologne they wear, instantly make them appealing to women from Asia.

Asian ladies like how they treat women

One of the reasons why Asian women end up being disappointed in their local dating scene and begin looking for partners abroad is that they cannot stand the way local men treat women. Commitment issues, lack of fidelity, and doing virtually nothing to impress their partner are just some things Asian ladies have to deal with during local dating.
In their eyes, American men display the exact opposite of that behavior. An Asian woman sees a Western gentleman as someone who understands the importance of treating his partner right, and that’s exactly what she wants from a relationship.

Women from Asia have the same family values as Western men

An Asian woman can come from a different background than you do, have a different education and life experience. However, she likely wants the same things in life as you do, which is a happy, tight-knit family that stays together no matter what.
Asian women are not the type of ladies who will easily get distracted by anything when they have a goal. And that’s what unites them with Western men. An American guy can work very hard, but when he wants a family, nothing will stop him in his tracks.

An Asian girl embraces the possibility of moving abroad

In any relationship with foreign woman, there comes a moment when the couple decides to get married. And with that, comes another important question of where the new family is going to live. In the case of Asian wives, you won’t need to spend ages trying to convince your partner to move to your home country, as that’s what she likely wants in the first place.
Women in Asia want to marry decent men, but they also don’t argue with the fact that marriage to a foreigner brings them new opportunities. They not only don’t fight the possibility of moving abroad, but actively embrace it as a chance to build a better life.

Asian women love ambitious men

All Asian women inadvertently compare American men to local guys, and that comparison does not always work in favor of Asian men. With some exceptions, women in Asia feel that men in their countries often lack ambition and simply go with the flow in life.
At the same time, Asian ladies know that American men are focused and ambitious. They want to achieve more in life, and they usually succeed because they also know what to do to get what they want. It is this drive and ambition that attracts Asian women to American men.

Asian girls enjoy stability in life

Compared to Western women, Asian ladies are ready to settle down earlier, and they don’t want any major changes in their lives after that. For example, an Asian woman doesn’t want to constantly move from one location to another or to have her husband regularly switch careers.
This is why Asian ladies enjoy the stability that Western men provide. Their lifestyle and ability to just live their lives and enjoy the small things is what makes Asian girls look for American men for serious relationships and marriage.

American men are tolerant and accepting

The goal in life of an Asian woman is to be accepted for who she is and to never be judged, especially by her romantic partner. Whether it’s something she did in the past or something current, she wants her husband to fully embrace her.

A typical Asian girl may have never met an American guy, but she knows enough about the Western society and way of living to believe that an American man is someone who won’t judge her in any situation. And for the most part, she’s right in her expectations.

Asian Women Want To Marry American Men

How popular are Asian wives among American men?

The idea of getting Asian wives has always been popular among American gentlemen, but it has gotten particularly popular since online dating gave us an opportunity to look for partners abroad. Every year, thousands of American men marry women from Asia, and it’s safe to assume that most of these relationships originated online — specifically, with the help of international dating services.

It’s hard to know the exact number of Americans who are happily married to Asian ladies because there are several ways for them to find each other and not all of them are reflected in the official statistics. For example, a couple can get married in an Asian country and come back to the US as husband and wife, and in that case, they will be just another married couple.

At the same time, thousands of Asian women every year go through the process of obtaining K1 visas. This type of visa is only given to the fiancés of American citizens and allows them to legally enter the US to marry those nationals. In 2020 alone, there were 7,209 Asian women who got K1 visas and became wives to American men. So it’s safe to say that these marriages are pretty popular in the US.

Why do American men like Asian women?

If you’ve come this far in our guide, then the thought “I want to marry an Asian girl” has probably visited your mind more than once. On one hand, there is likely no need to explain what’s so special about Asian ladies. On the other hand, if you’ve never met them in person or seriously dated them, you may not know what to expect from your relationship or marriage. Here are the main reasons why American men are obsessed with Asian girls.

Asian women are exceptionally good-looking

Even though you won’t choose your partner based on appearance and nothing else, there is no arguing with the fact that Asian women are known all over the world for their ethereal beauty. Their features and bodies flawless and unique.

And what’s even more impressive is that an Asian woman doesn’t need expensive procedures or exhaustive diets to look this good. This is all natural, and thanks to the ability of Asian ladies to barely change with age, their beauty remains intact for years.

An Asian woman has the right priorities

Western guys, especially Americans, often complain about Western women changing their priorities. A typical Western woman doesn’t want to get married and have children until her thirties, and some women don’t want to settle down at all, instead focusing on their career and exploring life’s pleasures.
This is not what you’ll experience when you decide to marry Asian women. These ladies may want careers or to travel around the world. However, the thing they want the most in life is a family where they feel valued and where they can always find love and acceptance.

Asian women don’t compare their partners

In the Western part of the world, couples typically argue over comparing each other to other people they know. No matter how good you are, there is always a person who looks better, makes more money, has a better house, and so on.

Asian women are inherently wise. They know that if you look hard enough, you can always find a flaw in your partner and an advantage in someone else. But they never do it or pressure you to become someone you are not just to please your wife.

Asian ladies make the most amazing mothers

When an Asian girl imagines her perfect family, it’s never just her and her husband. She cannot even fathom a happy family without children, so if having kids has been on your mind for a long time, you cannot go wrong with an Asian woman as their mother.
It seems like women in Asia are born not only with endless love for children, but also with the knowledge of how to raise them into happy and healthy individuals. Moreover, Asian women don’t neglect their husbands despite being the most attentive mothers, which is not something that comes naturally to all women.

Women from Asia are easy to please

Asian ladies don’t make it too hard for their partners to impress them and to make them happy. You can notice it already when marrying an Asian woman: she will often prefer a quiet night with you at home to a dinner at a fancy restaurant, and she will like a small but thoughtfully chosen gift more than an expensive but generic present.

And even after you get married, this easy-going nature and ability to be happy wherever they are won’t go away. To put it another way, an Asian wife will never go to look for greener pastures as long as she is respected and loved at home.

Asian Women Want To Marry American Men

Asian women embrace housework

When you are looking for the best Asian woman to marry, you will meet women from all walks of life: career-oriented girls, homemakers, women from upper-middle-class families that had help growing up, and girls from humble beginnings. What they all have in common is a sincere love for housework.

Unlike Western women, who typically try to minimize the amount of housework and go to great lengths to avoid doing it, Asian women genuinely enjoy it. Cooking and cleaning for their family doesn’t feel like a chore to them — it’s simply a way to take care of their loved ones.

An Asian woman respects older generations

People in Asia have a special attitude towards their families, especially their parents and grandparents. They may live together or apart, but an Asian woman will always find time and opportunity to attend to her older relatives.
And when she gets married, even to a foreigner, she also makes sure to love his side of the family as her own. Your Asian wife will care about your parents the way she does about hers, and will respect them more than anyone in the world.