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A brief overview and history of the chauffeuring profession.

What is a chauffeur?

A chauffeur is someone who is employed/paid to drive clients from one place to another, usually in a luxury or high-end vehicle. Chauffeurs may have additional training/qualifications such as evasive or defensive driving, close protection or proper etiquette when dealing with discerning clients.


A brief history of the chauffeur

The word “chauffeur” has French origins. It derives from the French word for “stoker” as very early vehicles were steam-powered, much like trains at the time.

When automobiles first started appearing, only the exceedingly wealthy could afford them and they often hired someone to drive for them, rarely driving themselves.

What additional services should a chauffeur offer?

In order to maximise customer loyalty and expand their client base, chauffeurs are often required to provide more than a simple driving service.

Some additional services that can be beneficial or required are as follows;

  • Close protection (i.e. bodyguard)
  • Tour guide/informational services
  • Recommendations on local amenities/services
  • Airport transfers
  • Long distance driving
  • Evasive or defensive driving

What types of vehicles can be expected from a chauffeur?

A wide range of vehicles can be used to chauffeur clients, although high-end sedans or limousines are the most common.

Some popular makes and models;

  • BMW 760LI

Have you had any experiences (good or bad) with a chauffeuring company? Are you a chauffeur yourself with any interesting stories to tell? Let us know in the comments.

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