Ready Player DAO: The Game Has Changed

3 min readAug 30, 2021


A sea of change is taking place in gaming. The future is decentralized, permissionless, unstoppable and this time, the players are in charge. Play-to-earn (P2E) is revolutionizing the power structure, opening economic advancement opportunities through collaborative, positive-sum organizations governed by their members.

We are ready to build the future. We are Ready Player DAO.


How many hours have you spent gaming? For many, the number is too high to count. Serious gaming is hard work, but until now, it’s always been the player that has paid. When the credits roll, it’s the player whose wallet is lighter and the game developer reporting record profits. It takes both player & developer to have a successful product, but in today’s equation only one party benefits.

Items earned through gaming have lived in walled gardens controlled by the studios. Their game, their rules. All in-game economic activity benefits only the corporations.

Blockchain gaming, NFTs, and a fresh, collaborative mindset are changing that. A new generation of projects led by Axie Infinity, a blockchain, and NFT-based game, are using platforms like Ethereum to open in-world economies to benefit the players, the most critical component of any game’s success, through the play-to-earn model.

P2E leverages the permissionless, open standards of blockchains to liberate in-game items and provide rewards that can be converted into real money. Gaming was once a way of life, now it’s also a way to make a living. P2E unlocks an entire world of opportunity for everyone, not just the game development studios.

Introducing: Ready Player DAO

Formed by a gang of gaming nerds and metaverse explorers, Ready Player DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization committed to harnessing the collective power of play to create equity for all. Our mission is to put the community on equal footing with the studios by making P2E the dominant model of gaming.

Everyone can profit by playing together.

We’ll focus our activity on these core missions to make that promise the reality:

  • Investment into gaming economies via asset acquisition, strategic partnerships, and development of guilds
  • Building out toolsets and processes needed in the P2E and DAO ecosystem
  • Empowering virtual and physical communities through the combination of our scholarship program with real-world partnerships
  • Grow the play-to-earn eSports scene through nurturing top-talent from our scholars

Our Progress:

While still in development, the DAO has raised over 1000 ETH and is deploying capital into Axie Infinity with the acquisition of Axies, land, and AXS. We are also actively investing and exploring opportunities in other P2E gaming projects. At our core, we believe that the best investments help every stakeholder involved. With this in mind, we focus on positive-sum relationships with those we engage with. This means we guide our investment decisions and strategies with a focus on making sure they benefit the games, the in-game communities, and the player communities we serve.

As part of our formation, founding member Rich Cabrera has merged his Ready Scholar School into RPD, bringing hundreds of Axie scholars under the new DAO umbrella. We welcome all those OG players and look forward to providing them with additional opportunities and deeper support.

While already active in the space, Ready Player DAO is still in development. We are focused on building sound processes, structures, and guiding principles that will make us a lasting, positive pillar of the emerging P2E space. We are heads down, implementing scalable programs with equitable, aligned incentives in preparation for our official launch this fall.

Join Us On the Journey

We are on our way to a new frontier, a place in the metaverse where gaming is not just for fun but presents a viable, healthy model for economic upliftment that is open to all. We are builders and players in search of fellow travelers.

Get updates via Twitter @ReadyPlayerDAO or reach out for partnerships/collaborations at

To be a part of the journey you can join the Ready Player DAO Discord.







The DAO aiming to shape the future of web3 gaming.