Chinese Horse Figurine

“I’m honored to come before you today, the first American President ever to address your nation from the Great Hall of the People. My wife, Nancy, and I have looked forward to visiting the people and treasures of your great and historic land, one of the world’s oldest civilizations. We have marveled at Beijing’s sweeping vistas, and we have felt the warmth of your hospitality touch our hearts.” — Ronald Reagan, Remarks to Chinese Community Leaders in Beijing, China, 4/27/1984

In 1981, President Reagan was gifted this Chinese earthenware tang-style figurine of a horse during a meeting with representatives of the Southern California Chinese Businessmen’s Association. Following the meeting the horse went on display in the White House Yellow Oval Room and can be seen in many of the photographs taken within that room.

The brass plaque on the bottom of the statue reads: Salute to a man who opened a new chapter of our nation’s history.