Cinco De Mayo Statue

“To President and Mrs. De la Madrid, to their health, and to the continued good will between our two great nations.” — Ronald Reagan, Toasts of President Reagan and President Miguel De La Madrid of Mexico at a State Dinner, May 15, 1984

President Reagan and President Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado of Mexico shared a very good working relationship. In 1988 President Reagan thanked the President of Mexico for his years of leadership and for the modernization he had brought to Mexico, thanking him specifically for the successes in trade, investment relations, drug enforcement, commercial ventures and general economic improvements.

President Reagan received this statuette as a gift from President de la Madrid in 1986. The statue is called “Mujer Chamula de la Buena Suerte” and is of a silver barefoot girl holding a rooster. Following their time in the White House, this gift was displayed in Mrs. Reagan’s private office at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library until 2015.