Labor Day Poster

In honor of Labor Day, President Reagan once said, “We salute working people because they have built our land with skill, energy, and resourcefulness, transforming raw materials into a shining edifice of freedom and prosperity.”

Ronald Reagan was featured in this Department of Energy Poster produced by the Richland Operations office, the main field office for the Hanford Site cleanup in Washington State. It shows a young Ronald Reagan visiting Hanford’s nuclear reactor and plutonium processing facilities in 1956. It reminds employees “no matter who you are . . . Always wear your badge at work.” He also was featured in another poster wearing goggles, reminding workers to “Wear Safety Glasses Now!’’

30 years later, as president, Ronald Reagan would oversee the nation’s missile program and sign the SDI treaty. In fact the Hanford Site ceased production under his administration. The donor, who worked at Richland at the time, circled his own badge on the poster.