Order of the Nile

“Historians often argue about whether events are shaped by people or people by events. There’s little doubt that the man we honor this evening is an individual who shaped history. President Sadat, Mrs. Sadat, it’s truly an honor to have you with us.” — Ronald Reagan, 8/5/81

The Order of the Nile, or Nishan al-Nil, and the Order of the Virtues, or Nishan al-Kamal, were originally created in Egypt in 1915 by Sultan Hussein Kamel, and reinstituted by the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1953. The Order of the Nile is Egypt’s highest award, for exceptional services to the nation, and the Grand Cordon class is awarded to foreign heads of state. It comes with a collar made of 18kt gold set with rubies and turquoise.

Anwar Sadat, the President of Egypt, presented this Order of the Nile to President Reagan and this Order of the Virtues to Mrs. Reagan, during an official visit on August 5, 1981.