Spalding Football

In President Reagan’s autobiography, An American Life, he wrote of his worship of football in high school, saying:

I loved playing on the line: For me, it was probably a marriage made in heaven. It’s as fundamental as anything in life — a collision between two bodies, one determined to advance, the other determined to resist; one man against another man, blocking, tackling, breaking through the line.
I’d like to be able to recall that my burning desire to go to college was planted first and foremost in a drive to get an education. But at 17, I think I was probably more motivated by love for a pretty girl and a love for football. Going to college offered me the chance to play football for four more years.

College football is upon us and Clemson is the defending 2016 national champion. The Clemson Tigers also won the national championship in 1981. President Reagan was gifted this Spaulding football, lettered “Clemson Tigers 1981”, with many of the team’s signatures on it, including William “The Refrigerator” Perry.