White House Kleenex Box

Every year people give thousands of gifts to the President of the United States. The gifts come from the general public, businesses of all sizes, and Kings and Queens. Some are valuable. Others are fun. All are important.

This week we look at a tissue box made out of white wool yarn and plastic canvas, and made to look like the White House. The White House even has electric lights! President Reagan received this gift in 1988 from an eighteen year old who had personally made the tissue box.

“Perhaps you’re aware that Washington is the pollen capital of America. And I’m one of those fellows that’s subject to those kind of allergies here.” — Ronald Reagan, Remarks at a White House Briefing for the US Delegation to the International Conference on Private Sector Initiatives, 11/6/1986

The tissue box has gone on display at the Reagan Library a handful of times throughout the years. In 2015, the donor of the box visited the Reagan Library with his family.