Follow these and she will seek you out.

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Here’s a hard truth that applies to many guys. It happens all the time in society, and it can feel like a game of the haves versus the have-nots. You want to be suave. Sometimes you see that guy — for a flash, in the mirror. You see a charming, confident guy making some babes laugh, twirling their hair, and you think “Why can’t that be me?” You know that you have the potential. But then, the all-too-familiar problems come up. Puzzling situations with women bring problems that undermine your confidence, and…

It’s more powerful than our conscious minds, after all.

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The subconscious mind is still a hazy concept in today’s world, shrouded in mystery. Splashes of knowledge uncovered by modern science, within a greater sea of unknown. In this article we’ll be unearthing some of that mystery. Uncovering several strategies to get your subconscious working for you. On the other hand, the conscious brain is somewhat less of a mystery. This article focuses on the subconscious mind, so first let’s briefly touch on the conscious brain. We know what the intricate brain looks like from photos. Not from real life, I…

You can be very attractive — and also fulfilled.

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The alpha male narrative that you’ve heard is wrong.

“Be a free thinker and don’t accept everything you hear as truth.” — Aristotle

Saber tooth tigers, migrating tribes of people who rely on trust with one another, countless generations of our bloodlines…human evolution is part of our human history. The benefits and drawbacks of evolution are a part of us; every one of us. That includes males and females…every single person on the planet. And it holds true, whether someone is in denial about evolution or they’re not. Do you want a good example? Here’s a scientific fact: we humans…

If you want to turn yours into a great one, read on.

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He was perplexed, struggling to make sense in the wake of their relationship.
Not so long ago they were at a high point. Snuggled up on the couch with popcorn, watching their favorite TV series. It felt like yesterday to him.This couple had been together, with their share of ups and downs, for the course of a year.

Watching my friend shake his head with a deep sigh, as he recalled their good memories, I asked a couple of questions to find out a little more about how…

Set up a rockin’ pad

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Add Your Flavor

Visit many houses today, and you’ll see much of the same thing. Bland portraits tacked to the wall. Dull wallpapers, and bed sheets that can be picked up at the nearest department store. A lack of unique personality. Don’t allow the interior of your home to be like everyone else’s. Show off your personality, with a touch of sexy flair. This includes your colors.

Which color has been associated with love and sex throughout human history? I’ll bet you guessed right, red. Many men know this, but fail to blend it in with their style…

It’s not how you’ve been told.

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Order is important to all of our lives. Drive to work before grabbing breakfast, and your stomach will be growling. Take a drive without looking at the gas gauge, and you may be on the highway seeking the nearest pump. Treat yourself well before a romantic escapade, and you’ll be feeling right before you even walk in the door. Approaching your priorities in order applies in all areas of life; new and budding romances as well. Here’s how you can cover your bases:

What You Can Wear

Alden Del Rey

Well being — blended with a spicy serving of human evolution psychology. I write how-to’s for better relationships and self-improvement.

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