A Review of a Revolutionary Company with an Amazing Opportunity and STO in 2019…

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Intelligent fluids GmbH is a technology company which designs innovative high-performance cleaning fluids that are globally unique. Intelligent fluids® are based on a groundbreaking, patented technology that combines gentle ingredients to create highly dynamic phase fluids tailored to specific needs.

So what exactly is intelligent fluids, what does it do and what problems does it solve?

Let's start at the beginning. Solvents are, in simplest terms, something in which you can dissolve another substance (also called as solutes) and this mixture will yield what we know as a ‘solution’. Solvents are generally liquid (water is the most common example), but can also be gas or solid. Solutes are the materials that are dissolved into solvents and we end up with a solution. Some examples of solvents are water, ethanol, toluene, chloroform, acetone, milk, etc. Examples of solutes include sugar, salt, oxygen, etc.

Typically industrial cleaning is so harmful that a whole range of protection, special equipment and complex protocols are necessary to enable a certain degree of safety from toxic chemicals

Penetrate, fragment, undercut and lift-off!

Because of the aggressive nature of conventional solvent-based chemical solutions, a host of green chemical cleaners along with other non-hazardous ingredients or techniques such as laser or grit blasting have emerged on the market. Yet one has to come to the conclusion that these environmentally friendly alternatives do no show adequate results in comparison to classical chemical solutions. This is where award-winning intelligent fluids® boasting 26 patents and more than 25 additional patents pending comes on stage and steals the show.

Diagram showing how intelligent fluid physically separates organic and inorganic substrates
Overview Video of intelligent fluids® from the companies website

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
(Albert Einstein)

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Existing Customers

Ok, I am getting really excited, tell me about this Special Token Offering you mentioned?

According to a recent press release, the company has more than enough clients waiting to be onboarded and qualified and a host of future markets that are apparently begging to give away a piece of their pie. The main focus at this moment is the microelectronics market and the maintenance market. An average customer providing revenue of more than 2 Million EUR per year and needing up to 300 Tons per Year. Currently, the capacity of their production site in InfraLeuna, is only 500 Tons per year, but according to CEO Christian Römlein, they have a tight schedule of aiming for at least 13,500 Tons per annum in the short term. To enable rapid growth of production and to be able to satisfy the high existing demand, the company wants to expand production to the USA and in Asia and has therefore developed an innovative financing solution.


intelligent fluids® — with the SCM Token that might very well make you wet to invest…

With the company having production facilities in America and Asia in the crosshairs and the planned expansion of production in Germany, I personally believe their market penetration goals to be on the conservative side. I am no physicist nor chemist, nor even market insider in the industrial cleaning industry. Yet I would argue that the use cases for a 100% risk-free cleaning solution are nothing short of endless. Though the company aims to be a B2B company and would rather work together with the big players mentioned at the beginning than try to replace their toxic cleaning solutions, I don´t see why the end-consumer market should be left untapped. They even mention on their website and the video above that solutions are already available for dental applications, stripping, all kinds of removal of dirt, residues and coatings, skin care, optics, upkeeping as well as protection of buildings…. The list just goes on and on.

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