Why You Shouldn’t Buy from Knock-Off Sellers

What you thought saved you money — buying fragrances from knock-off sellers — will cost you more in the end, believe it or not.

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Learn what to look out for to avoid buying less-than-authentic fragrances

If you want to buy a designer fragrance or a handbag for half the price, you are not alone. There are millions of buyers out there trying to snag the best price for their beloved perfumes. However, buying from knock-off stores will cost them more in the long run.

Stores offering fake fragrances are stealing from their consumers. Even if you are able to save $90 on your favorite designer fragrance, odds are you are just getting alcohol in a perfume bottle.

What’s Inside Counterfeit Fragrances?

Knockoff fragrance has some not-so-legit ingredients that can range from urine and bacteria to antifreeze and other unhealthy substances.

Think about that for a second. These are ingredients you’re spraying on your skin. Your neck, your wrists, even your face, are very sensitive parts of your body. Imagine what these active ingredients could do. Counterfeit perfumes pose a serious health hazard that’s just not worth the risk.

At first sight, these counterfeit fragrances might look like the real deal, but once you try them on, the smell is different. Some people even feel a burning sensation, redness, or an immediate sensation that says something is wrong.

Spotting a fake perfume is easier than most people think. And while counterfeit producers do an excellent job at mimicking the fragrance package design, the ingredients are often hard to replicate.

Learn more how to spot a fake perfume here.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Counterfeit Perfumes?

Besides the obvious reasons, buying a counterfeit perfume does more than just risking your health. Knock-off sellers are endangering the industry and hurting those businesses that are actually bringing fragrances to the world.

  • Perfume designers spend a lot of time working on their products. They also work hard on providing their customers the best value for their goods. Counterfeit perfumes make the real product more expensive, as companies sometimes use price as a factor to separate themselves from the fakes.
  • Counterfeit perfumes are often produced in less than optimal work environments. These knock-off sellers usually source from illegal sweatshops that violate what seems like a trillion worker and human rights.
  • You can place your health at risk. With so many additives and chemicals added by knock-off producers to make their fragrances resemble the legitimate products, you could suffer a severe reaction.
  • The quality is obviously not there. Fake perfumes are often produced with low-quality ingredients, which makes them wear off quickly and smell differently.
  • You waste money. When you buy a fake perfume, you might think you are saving some money. But in the end, you spend more money, as this counterfeit fragrance won’t last as long as the real one, meaning you will re-apply more often or use more to get similar results — if you’re able to use it at all.

In the end, you will regret it. There’s nothing good about buying from a knock-off seller. They won’t answer if you have an issue with your fragrance. There’s no customer service to contact for questions. And, there’s no real business to support in the end. Plus — you’re ripping off the company that produces your favorite fragrance. Being a smart consumer is a responsibility — if you appreciate the product, you should purchase it from the company that spent the time and intelligence to create it.

There are real companies that offer legit designer fragrances at special discounted prices thanks to their relationship with manufacturers. Choose these retailers to buy your favorite perfumes at a lower price. Have peace of mind, and be a responsible consumer by buying a legitimate fragrance.

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