The Opioid Crisis- Eroding Civil Rights Under Our Eyes
Heather Wargo

As a Pharmacist who operates a pain management pharmacy, and myself a chronic pain suffer, I applaud this article. Everything stated in this article is on point, and everything that I have been saying for years. It is appalling that we have come to this point. They are many patients, with legitimate pain, suffering needlessly because of these knee-jerk pain policies. The CDC report is a disgrace, based on poor science, yet everyone on the planet seems to cite it as absolute truth. We get notifications in the pharmacy from our state PDMP when a patients MME has exceeded 90 MME per month like it’s a red flag for that patient. However, the patient in suffering from an incurable disease that causes constant, intractable pain that requires doses well beyond the 90 MME to mitigate some of his/her pain. It’s disgraceful, it’s bad medicine, it’s bad policy and it’s inhumane. Opioid epidemic-what a joke!