The power of the mountain is actually inside you.

I will never forget the first time I climbed a mountain. It tore open a piece of my heart and I felt love enter me. I didn’t know I could do it, but I did.

Every time I tell people I hike and climb mountains they either give me the “so does everyone else” look because I live in the Pacific Northwest, or they look at me like I’m a goddess from an alien species. I know that look. I had it too, before I became me.

Someone told me yesterday, during our initial introductions, “you sound like the kind of woman I need to be friends with!” I almost cried. I wasn’t friends with me for so long, and here this stranger gave me everything I needed for a good 30 years in one sentence. It was beautiful.

It’s honestly true: the mountain has the power to break through the crust of the earth. It can grow, it can destroy, it can nurture, and it can awe.

So can you.

The power of that mountain you so admire, whatever your personal mountain might be, is within you already. Your job is to find it. Let it propel you onward.

I believe in you. Watch you grow. Watch.