How to End Google’s Monopoly
Shane Greenup

“ So on its face value, I kind of love the fact that Google (and Facebook etc) are trying to take out the rubbish and get rid of misinformation from their results. I nearly always align the with the judgements they make on what is and isn’t fake, and I believe that most rational, sensible, honest people will agree with that sentiment. So my criticisms here are not in defense of the content being flagged, penalised and/or filtered.”

Monumental naive ignorance. I read your opinion because I thought it would further my knowledge on how to boycott Google/Facebook et al; not CODDLE them. Not be COMPLICIT with these leechers who think they have the RIGHT to channel/funnel/delete etc information whether that information is blatantly wrong or spot on the freaking money. It’s not for them to decide. Or you and anyone you work for either.

Noam Chomsky? Perfect. LOL.

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