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The greatest mistake is to assume someone will be a statistic!

Do we tell writers and artists not to go to school for liberal arts because statistically speaking they will be in debt for more years in their lives due to the statistical lack of success they are expected to have? Do we tell banks not to loan money to certain causes or ventures because in the past that same cause was a failure? America was founded on the idea that every one was a loser when they got here. Everyone has to bust their butts to get ahead. The founding documents specifically state “the pursuit of happiness” not generally “the entitlement of happiness”. To abort a fetus because statistically it’s outcome in life may be poor is inhumane in and of itself.

Let’s pretend there is no sanctity in life or as Courtney Hood refers to it; fetus. Let’s just say everyone is a fetus. There is no life only fetus outside the womb. With this logic then when someone wrongs us we should just have the right to end their fetus, right? We can just say well this fetus was clearly a mistake because it’s not as successful as we’d have hoped so we’ll abort it at say 20 years. I’m sure there are benchmark standards somewhere for this. What should it matter if we end the existence of a fetus at 2 months in the womb or 20 years out of the womb? After all, it’s only a fetus. Who knows, maybe it’s someone’s “mistake”. Maybe it’s someone’s “I forgot to take the 72 hour pill”. It could quite possibly be someone’s “I’m on the pill so it could never happen” fetus.

We know all fetuses aren’t planned. We also know that some of sciences breakthroughs are also not planned or even statistically probable at the time of the findings. When something isn’t planned it doesn’t make it bad; it makes it unplanned.

When you choose to kill, end, abort, cancel, mame, slaughter, slay or obliterate a fetus you are saying no to modern day thought-speak. You are a lonely or self absorbed individual that’s saying my fetus which will end soon (in retrospect) is far more important than any fetus to come after me. I am the one and only fetus! Your comfort is more important. You already have to sacrifice for your own fetus so why should you then feel obligated to support another fetus…. Wouldn’t it be easier to pay someone to stab your fetus offspring and relieve you from any and all responsibility or future discomfort? Isn’t that the only choice?

We all know every fetus is not going to have a benefactor like daddy Warbucks from the movie “Annie”. We should never expect this either. When we all go to school in this modern day there is what they call the bell curve and it outlines the failure rate all the way up to the uber-passing rate. Life “ahem” namely fetus is a lot like the bell curve as in there will be more fetuses raised under average conditions as compared to failures and Uber-passing fetuses.

How many dog lovers out there will advocate to euthanize puppies as soon as they are born because the likelihood of them finding a good forever homes is too slim? How many would say it’s not worth the chance of any kind of suffrage regardless of how minimal it may be in comparison to a whole life? I don’t hear people saying kill puppy fetus. What I hear is… that was a mistake so let’s sterilize the animal so another mistake won’t happen. Why are we so protective over puppy fetus but when human fetus comes into play we have to get all selfish and pretend we can’t handle another fetus in this world?

In short, when you say a woman should have the right to end a fetus growing in her you’re saying that you want man to be selective and not natural. You want women to decide which fetus is right for the world to have. You want women to carry the burden instead of celebrating the burden. Fetus offspring used to be celebrated and now it’s lamented widely. It’s not natural for us to kill one another or more of us would be doing it. How selfish would you be by stopping the progress of the world? Let’s get excited about fetus and restore the sanctity in life. If you weren’t willing to reproduce with that partner then you, again; were making another self serving decision and not on the side of nature. If you were taken advantage of and you can’t bring yourself to love that fetus then please do a labor of love and share that fetus with the world and let someone is willing to be selfless for a lifetime … raise that fetus. Let’s Friend the fetus… whether you “like it” or not they don’t have a profile on Facebook “yet”!

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