A conservative asked me, sarcastically, if living in a society without racism is what I really want. I thought about it for a while, and had to admit something. It IS what I want, but just not for people of different backgrounds than me. I want it for ME, and for my family. And, suddenly, that felt like a pretty good reason. I don’t need to put on airs. It’s really, genuinely what I want. I don’t need to be blameless, I just need to do what I can to make that thing I want happen. And it doesn’t make me a savior, or earn me gratitude, because it’s what I want.
Dear fellow liberals: That albatross around your neck has a name.
K. Alice Sandry

A beautiful sentiment, this is. Practical too; it’s clearly in our own best interests as White Americans. Even if a Trump administration somehow succeeds in “ending illegal immigration once and for all” and then goes beyond that to end legal immigration, the demographic trends point to a browner future for America.

If we are to be a minority in this country — just as we have always been on the planet as a whole — then let us be treated as equals, by equals, among equals.