You can claim you are going to change things but unless you change your tone and nasty name calling you will still be pushing normal Americans away.
Far left and far right as in those who are devoted and will blindly vote for “their party” no…
Louis Weeks

Hey, playing nasty seemed to work out pretty well for y’all. I reckon it’s time for the left to give that a try.

Well at least we agree about the need for the Department of Labor to tackle illegal hiring practices. And as you say, even Hillary agreed that comprehensive immigration reform needs to happen. Too bad the last such bills proposed by Republicans got shut down by other Republicans for not being harsh enough. And I sure don’t expect Trump to propose anything more humane than Operation Wetback.

Perhaps if you had cited that CNN segment a little better I could be bothered to look it up for myself. As things stand, though, I’ll just point out that liberals are no more monolithic in their outlooks than conservatives are, and this fool almost certainly got chewed out by other libs after that appearance.

You bring up remittances again. You know who else invests vast quantities of American into foreign investments and tax shelters? The ultra-rich who Trump has promised to slash taxes for. I’ll leave it as an exercise to my readers to figure out which group sends more money abroad.

A final thought for you to chew on: If you want to see fewer illegal immigrants, then why not streamline the immigration process so more of them can come legally? Why not provide amnesty for these economic refugees? At least then they can tracked like any other citizen or legal alien. And then employers can’t dangle the INS over their heads as a threat to stop them from organizing for fairer wages, bringing overall wages back up to a point where native workers will compete again. Win-win, as you say.