By the way, I notice you dodged my question about if you truly believe the same people who voted…
Louis Weeks

OK, readers, I’m gonna feed this troll one more time before I sign off. I trust by now that you see the truth of the point I made in my other piece: There’s no way I’m going to persuade him, and there’s no way he’s going to persuade me because we view the world and its facts through such different lenses. We could keep talking past each other straight through 2020 and beyond. Facts make no difference in this argument, even if we both bothered to give better citations. This is a culture war, pure and simple.

I’m not writing for Louis Weeks. I’m writing for you, whoever you are that stumbles across this. And for you alone I will address his latest questions and points as best I can.

You are the originators of playing nasty…

Bullshit. Neither liberals nor conservatives can make that claim. People have been playing nasty since politics began, thousands of years before anybody conceived of political discourse in “liberal” or “conservative” terms.

… but it is like the little boy who cried wolf…

Let’s not forget that the story ends with the appearance of an actual wolf. Trump looks rather more wolfish than McCain or Romney ever did, I must say. And he’s appointing a pack to serve as his Cabinet.

Hillary changed to open borders and zero immigration enforcement when she thought it was politically expedient, same with same sex marriage, Hillary was against it for over 20+ years then suddenly changed her stand based on political expediency.

Hey, some politicians change their minds about stuff as they learn more, or as the tides of public opinion shift, so they can represent their constituents better. This is a feature, not a bug. Your man Trump certainly has changed his own mind about many things, though not for the better in my opinion.

The border must be secured first…

By building a wall? Ask the Chinese and the Soviet Union how well that worked out for them. Hell, ask the Mexicans about their own ‘secured’ southern border: they can’t even keep the Guatemalans and Hondurans and Salvadorans out.

Most Conservatives are not against a path to legal status (not full citizenship)…

And why not full citizenship, if they want to join and fully contribute to American society? Are they too brown for conservatives’ comfort?

Regarding Operation Wetback: that was no “sick evil fantasy” cooked up by liberals, like /r/thedonald cooked up #Pizzagate more recently. Operation Wetback was an actual program enacted by the Eisenhower administration. Trump himself cited it as an example of the sort of thing he wants to try.

… you dodged the point [about remittances] by tossing in counter accusations, why can’t you just address the point?

The point I’m trying to address is that the problem of currency outflow is far larger and more complicated than a few million migrant laborers wiring modest amounts to their families. Yet when given a choice about where to start tackling that currency problem — laborers’ remittances versus rich people’s foreign money sinks — you chose to go after the illegal immigrants first. (In our first exchange, I mentioned the “illegal votes” posited by Trump but did not speculate about their source. You steered the conversation to immigrants.) Reflect upon your choice and what it says about you.

Just answer that point, why do other Nations get a free pass with Liberals and you believe America must step in and care for those people their country refuses to care for?
Again, why can’t the parent Nation care for their own? Why does America have to care for their “unwanted offspring”?

From the inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty:

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Taking in refugee populations and making them our own people is THE AMERICAN WAY. Always has been. (Even the Pilgrims were refugees from England, for crying out loud.) That’s what Made Us Great. You would do well to remember this.

One last thought for you Louis, then I’m done answering questions. Feel free to respond with your own final arguments, but don’t expect any more from me.

You keep talking about “normal Americans,” but I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means. You seem to think that “normal Americans” are on your side or will come to your side, even though more voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. And more citizens voted for nobody at all than cast ballots for any candidate.

So if we go strictly by the numbers, a normal American is not a Trump voter. Nor is he or she all that conservative.

You say that my liberal rhetoric will drive people towards the conservative camp, but a closer look at intra-national migration trends suggest otherwise. For many years now, more people have been moving from rural communities into metropolitan areas than vice versa. And major cities tend to be more liberal, even when situated within “red states” like Texas and Utah.

I spent most of my school and college years living in small towns in eastern Oregon, which is rural and reliably conservative. (The region’s more like Idaho than what most people think of when they hear “Oregon.”) Many of my smarter friends, along with the ethnic and sexual minorities, moved to larger and more liberal cities as soon as possible when they graduated. They moved away because they couldn’t picture a happy future for themselves here. They just didn’t fit in with the local culture.

It was the rhetoric and cultural attitudes of conservatives like YOU that drove them away from eastern Oregon.

You may have won 2016, but time and demographics are still on my side, and that of my younger liberal friends. WE are becoming the new normal. Not you.

Reflect upon that.