You just can’t help yourself, you must paint all who do not agree with you as evil, because surely the only reason anyone could possibly reject your wonderful and perfect ideas is if they are evil ….. right?
Thanks for doubling down on the problem with all members of the far left.
Louis Weeks

One can contribute to a great evil without harboring evil in their hearts. “For evil to prevail, it is only necessary for good men to do nothing.” Or vote for an unabashed scoundrel and con-artist who sings the siren song of poorly specified change.

You talk about the national debt, but Trump’s tax plan has been projected to inflate that by over $10 trillion dollars by even the conservative-leaning Tax Policy Institute — far more than Clinton’s would have.

As for your attitude that any drastic course change is better than none: we’ll see how you feel about that in two to four years’ time. Assuming that Trump manages to win the electoral college vote and not provoke nuclear war with China, of course.