Trump’s reign places doom at the forefront of my mind. It feels like imminent danger. It feels like banking on a toddler’s impulse control before a big red self destruct button.
Breastfeeding Before The Apocalypse
Dominique Matti

This, I think, is what all or the majority of us in the anti-Trump camp fear most. Richard Branson of Virgin famously documented the vengeful streak Trump revealed during a lunch meeting. Others observed that Trump fears losing status and face above all other concerns.

Taking him out of power without touching off the powder-keg will be a tricky business, to say the least. But it’s still less risky than letting the toddler hold onto that red button until he gets the idea to use it as a pacifier.

You take good care of your kids now. (That goes for any other parents reading this too.) My wife and I have no children and never will, for a variety of personal reasons that were in place well before Trump’s ascension. The way I see it, it’s up to childless folks like us to take the biggest risks in the struggle ahead — we have less to lose. If I can leave no children of my own behind as my legacy, then let me leave the world a better place for my brother’s children and all other children besides.

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