Is this verified or unverified truth?
Tracy White

Unverified for the moment, but the case keeps building. The dossier was already damning enough to be make it into the presidential security briefings, after all.

We aren’t in a courtroom — yet — so we should not make the mistake of holding ourselves to the “innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt” standard when acting on our best judgment. The stakes are too damn high for that. If we value our national sovereignty at all, then we cannot allow a man that we even reasonably suspect to have been turned by a foreign government to take the Oval Office. And there was a pretty good case to be argued for that possibility even before this explosive dossier hit the internet.

My opinion? Let Mike Pence serve as Acting President until Trump’s name can be cleared — if cleared it can be. Pence may be a rotten bastard in his own way, but at least I’m somewhat more certain that he’s our bastard. During the VP debate he deviated from Trump’s foreign policy regarding a possible alliance with Russia in the Syrian conflict, if you recall: Pence sounded lukewarm at best about the prospect. If given the Acting Presidency, I predict he will scrupulously avoid acting on Russia’s behalf, if only to avoid suspicion and maintain his own hold on power.

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