Hiking in Silicon Valley

It was a beautiful 70-degree February day. Birds were chirping, and flowers fraying in the wind. You could hear San Andreas Lake flowing, wild deer grazing, squirrels playing — and the plants looked magnificent.

No, I wasn’t tripping. This was my morning hike at Crystal Springs. On one side of the park you could see the entire peninsula with SFO airport and East Bay in the distance. On the other, the lake and a plethora of hills.

But that wasn’t even the coolest part. Did you know that this park is right on top of the San Andreas fault? No joke.

This is three miles from where I’m staying. And I’m not living somewhere rural; I would say it’s pretty urban. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend you visit Crystal Springs for a walk or bike ride. There’s a path from Millbrae all the way to the beach at Half Moon Bay.

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