America First: Taking Back Our Country From the Communist Left

In November, we rallied around the country and elected a man that we felt would do the best job. The “silent majority” came out in force and showed up at the polls. But something happened this time that was different. Donald J. Trump brought a message of nationalism and populism. He spoke a message that we have been saying for years. He talked about sealing our border and stoping the flow of illegal aliens coming into the country. I don’t understand why the left does not see that as a rejection to their post America ideology.

45th President Donald J. Trump

The people in this country, who believe we should put America first, are declining. The American university is pumping out cultural marxist by the millions. This is not a conspiracy. It is facts and it is happening faster than we can imagine. I witnessed people, that grew up the same way I did, graduating college as social justice warriors. Why is that? Why are so many college graduates entering the political sphere as left wing activist? There is an obvious reason to this.

Political correctness, modern feminism, pansexualism, multiculturalism, and white studies are some of the various ideologies being spewed in our college universities. This is the training ground for the “white privileged” philosophy and the hatred for straight white males. These are the places were students are told that there are more than two sexes. The names of some courses our future college students can take are Queer Theory and The Bible, Chronicles of Vampires: Fantasies of Vampirism in a Cross-Cultural Perspective, Taking Marxism Seriously, and many more that they need to conquer life’s problems. Could you imagine sitting through a few of these courses.

The world is evolving and so are its people. There is nothing wrong with progression and staying competitive in the global realm, but dismantling culture and traditions is not progression. Removing monuments and historical artifacts is not inclusiveness. It is exclusiveness. Our federal government has excluded the very people who have made this country. Christians, in the US, have seen this happen for decades. The Ten Commandments have been removed out of court houses all across the country, corporations have stopped saying “Merry Christmas” during the holidays, and foreign religions and folk culture are uplifted in the public square. What is going on in America?

The American people have been generous enough to allow millions of foreigners into our country. If these new comers arrived in China or Japan they would be expected to abide by and respect their cultures. Mexico would never allow their culture and traditions to be thrown to the back burner. Why America? Europe and the US are two of the main targets for restructuring. This is happening without public consent and people are angry. This is the reason for the Rebellion of 2016. The silent majority rallied together and rejected the multiculturalist, the political correctness, and we rejected the diversity that has long divided us.

When you hear social justice warriors talking about diversity, they’re not talking about true inclusiveness. They are talking about excluding the traditional American structure. It is a theory of dividing the American family structure and the patriarchy structure. They want conservatives and traditionalist to be quiet. This isn’t diversity. This is a guise to exclude the American who loves conservatism and an exclusion of Christianity and biblical beliefs.

We have witnessed a lot of traditionalist Americans be accused of racism, bigotry, misogyny, and even Neo-Nazism. Do you see how far this is going? Thank God the president was able to get Judge Gorsuch into the Supreme Court. That is one thing that gives me hope. Maybe he will be able to nominate another conservative before he leaves, but I pray that Donald J. Trump will fight to turn this ship around.

This country use to be a respected nation of morals and values, but today anything goes. Our children are glued to mobile devices, Americans are fighting in the streets, and violence is a major part of our society. How much more do we have to witness before we say enough is enough? I believe this country is full of patriots who love our country and still revere the American way. It is not too late to shut down this lunacy. My family has been here since 1614 and I refuse to sit back and watch this country goes down the road its going. Do something America. Do something before its too late.

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