The Last Stand of Traditional Americanism

When I was a junior in high school, I thought there were only two sides to politics. Republicans and Democrats have perpetuated a massive domination on American politics. If you look at history, there has always been a two-party dominance, but at times they have changed ideas and names. The American public, in my opinion, once were aware of deception and deceit, but now the common American is so conditioned that they have no clue. The election of Donald J. Trump proved to me that we are ready to break away from the two-party system and make a new future for our country. Even though Trump ran as a Republican, he is not your typical or establishment Republican. Most of the ideas that Trump campaigned on were repudiated by the establishment. For the first time in decades, we witnessed a candidate acknowledge illegal aliens coming into our country and shaping the demographics. We witnessed an “American First” campaign that rode in on a nationalist populist wave. Every concerned citizen needs to hear my words and warnings because this is our last stand. This is our time to retake the country and if we fail, we might not ever see the golden dawn of traditional Americanism.

Websites like 4 Chan and 8 Chan have been around for years, but the campaign of Donald J. Trump brought on a new era of cyber warfare. My grandfather’s generation will never understand the level of insanity that politics have become, but its very important to adjust to these levels and fight back. Silicon Valley has waged war on the Alt Right and hard right conservatism. I wonder if there are laws preventing these kinds of double standards because a certain group of people being harassed and censored isn’t proper American dialogue. In fact, I believe the Americanist debate is declining. The radical left has no intentions of having civil discourse with anyone who they disagree with. This is a product of cultural Marxism. We have ceased a moment that was given to us, but its what we do with this moment that will define this country for generations to come.

An alternative galaxy of American politics was created during the campaign of Trump. He opened the door for some many of us to engage in this world of delusional people. The leftist media has conditioned people to the levels of nonconformity and it will be almost impossible to wake these people up. Safe spaces and snowflakes is what the American universities promote and our younger generations have become pansies. America built a reputation of roughnecks and cowboys. We were pioneers and settlers. Now our youth are known for being pansexuals and Neo-Marxist that hate American traditionalism. They hate our Protestantism values and they are trying everything in their power to shut us down. I gave up on the GOP after Mitt Romney announced he was running. These neoconservatives are not patriots. They support imperialistic wars that have sacrificed millions of American lives. They vote on bills that globalize our country and strips the identity from right below our feet.

Our alternative movements have exploded while the radical left have no leaders. We have leaders and Donald J. Trump is just the beginning. If he fails to fulfill sealing our borders we will move on to the next person. The phrase “Make America Great Again” was initiated by the president, but it will not end with him. There is an awakening happening all across the country and people are getting fed up with the anti-white rhetoric. Acknowledging anti-white rhetoric isn’t racist and anybody who says so is definitely a racist. Any person who tries to shut down freedom of speech is an anti-American. They want to see our country’s values and morals destroyed and they have done a damn good job trying. We are facing decades of re building and it will take generations to return to the traditional ways of our forefathers. Countries like China and Japan are embraced by the left for maintaining their traditional values and customs but America doesn’t have the right to do the same? There are reasons that we have witnessed the attacks on our society, but most people are not mentally prepared to listen or comprehend the reasons.

Being “red pilled” is a lifelong process. Cognitive Dissonance is enacted in every human being, but you do not wake up oneway and realize everything is wrong. It takes years and many small red pills to get to the beginning. If you are reading this and you do not understand what I am implying, I beg you to keep searching for the truth. We have a right to exist and we will gravitate to the victory that our people deserve. The opposition to President Trump and the hard right is full of hateful and bigoted people. The Anti-Fascist movement are some of the most vile human beings you can imagine. They are gutter punks who despise our way of life. They would rather live in liberal enclaves where the air isn’t clean, rather than exist in the wide open plains of Nebraska. This article has touched many different points and it was a random assortment of thoughts, but we are in a revolution. We need to lay down our micro differences and unite. It is the only way we will be able to achieve victory. The Republican and Democratic Parties are not your allies. They do not care about your lives or your culture. Move into the alternative political factions. We formed from grassroots revivals and an American traditionalist spring. We will be victorious and we will not fall.

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