Dreaming big, but Starting up Poor in an unknown land.

‘Equality doesn’t exist everywhere in this world. I never started with an extra advantage.’

As an entrepreneur today, it is almost impossible to never heard about Silicon Valley. It is even known to be the land of the Start-ups. The environment was right for starting up easily. Harvard Business Review even mentioned that Silicon Valley is a special place that even attracts the entire world to be there.

Worried about no investment? No problem.

After reading all the excitement about Silicon Valley, I have decided to launch our own start-up, Audrey.


There was a problem. A few actually.

Let’s head back to the topic,

Starting up poor in a wrong location.

FIRST PROBLEM. Yeah, poor. Dropped out of good grades, parents left jobless and had to find a job.

SECOND PROBLEM. Weak currency.

THIRD PROBLEM. Do the math, MYR2,500 = $561.80 per month.

FORTH PROBLEM. Mockery from all corners instead of support. (Coming from an Asian background, this is no joke.)

FIFTH PROBLEM. No treaty between US and Malaysia.

Entrepreneurs from Malaysia cannot head to Silicon Valley and start right away. Tried this, and guess what.

THIS Happened. The US Embassy tells me, ‘Sorry. You may not allowed to travel to US for business purposes at the moment.’ despite presenting my C Corporation in Delaware with good standing.

So when someone says location and situation does not matter, take them out from Silicon Valley and toss them into a bad spot.

Why do I find the need to write this?

Because way too many Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs whine all day long due to a little tough time. I will tell you this, there are places and entrepreneurs that are going through tougher time compared to what you have at the moment. So yeah, Location DOES MATTERS.

There are places except Silicon Valley that are doing well AND there are places that are HARDER to start.

How about Audrey then?

Eventually, we survived the pain for 1 years and 8 months and finally, Audrey is growing steadily by learning how to run it with extremely low expenses.

Life still goes on.

Tell me what is your tough stories below! If you are being placed at such situation, what would you do? If you like the stories, do leave a LIKE below!

P.S — Might have some bad grammar.