Michael Trimm’s Response To TheShadowBrokers

Hey Medium, Michael here from the Michael Trimm Show. So I had this crazy idea the other day about how I could simple explain how to defeat the Deep State and suddenly @TheShadowBrokers shatter the internet by releasing seriously dangerous exploits the NSA was illegally using to attack SWIFT banking systems as well as middle eastern banking systems. I decided to personally respond to their Grammar Critics article posted on Steemit. Here is my response:

So, little grammar; little grammar sit down. Little bit of harsh language in there too. Apologize if some of my language from this article that I read directly offended you. But language is language, and as long as you don’t allow words to bother you, you will be strong.

Now my response to this, because there are two parts to this that are deeply disturbing and deeply important for you to understand that I want to try to communicate to you right now.

The @theshadowbrokers are probably linked with #Vault7 from WikiLeaks. They’re probably a similar group of people. They’re probably people that have this opinion about the way things are and the way things should be.

We are in a Civil War right now. If anybody doesn’t believe that we’re in a Civil War I encourage them to open to the newspaper and just read all of the bullshit. All of it.

Ask yourself, what have I gotten from this? Have I actually been helped by the policies of Barack Obama, by the policies of George W Bush, by the policies of Bill Clinton, by the policies of Ronald Reagan. The 99% of us have not been helped.

When you look at some of the Reagan economics were introduced, it ushered in massive capitalism and massive levels of greed; being able to over charge, price gouge, false advertising, etc.

Bill Clinton introduced, I’m forgetting Bush Sr., well there’s a whole book about Bush Sr. that I can’t even go into right now because he’s one evil motherfucker — sorry for my language. Bill Clinton — where do I even begin? Seriously. Everybody professed; the media professed how wonderful Bill Clinton was. How absolutely wonderful he was as a President. Being able to balance the budget, coming out with a surplus, and that evil George W Bush left a deficit! Yet nobody seems to talk about the fact Obama added nearly double the amount of debt to the deficit than George B Bush added. Nobody ever talks about that! Why? Because he was a Democrat. Next.

George W Bush passed The Patriot Act, which was unconstitutional. It was written years before 9/11 and required another Pearl Harbor, like event, such as 9/11, in order to use chaos and confusion of the American people, who were grieving over the loss of our friends and families on 9/11; they used that advantage in order to pass this illegal law that has given the United States the authority to invade 7 or more countries illegally waging war against them without the authorization of Congress.

Thats what 9/11 was about. Thats why we’re in the cluster fuck that we’re in. The truth about 9/11 is out in the open yet for some reason unless it’s the Government admitting what the truth is, there are people who will choose not to believe it! That is the root of the problem! They chose not believe it! First and foremost, you don’t choose facts and secondly, facts are not subjugated to your beliefs. Those are very important things to point out. That while you may believe that 9/11 was committed by Saddam Hussein, you’re stupid if you believe that because your belief is irrelevant to the facts. And the fact of the matter is, 9/11 was an inside job in order to usher in The New American Century, which we are seeing right now. So all of these liberals and all of these democrats and even some of these republicans who are so excited and happy that Donald Trump has launched MOAB against ISIS, killing 36 islamic state militants. Were you have cowards, like John Iadarola “Donald Trump is keeping his promise by killing civilians.” Yet, John Iadarola was silent on The Young Turks about the all of the civilians that were murdered under Barack Hussein Obama II. It’s that type of blind eye that the media and the political elite have created for our country. They created the problem that we are in. We’re being too politically correct — being able to censor and filter your thoughts and your words and what you believe to be true. That type of action is causing all of the problems we are having right now. It’s why we can’t address the problems.

Take a deep breath with me. (breath)

We’re in a Civil War right now. When you understand that in war at least the way the United States Government operates, there are no such things as laws. We’re in war right now. Do we want a Police State where doctors who are going to see patients get the shit beaten out of them because they chose to fly United? And the fact that United wanted to put crew members on — he payed for the seat — they wanted the crew members on instead in his seat and they decided to forcibly remove him, giving him a concussion. I support him and his efforts to sue United. I’d like to United shut down as a company. I would like to see the CEO of United prosecuted for not taking appropriate action in an anti-trust lawsuit.

This is essential. Corporations are not people! They are not people! Just because you have a corporation like CNN telling you that it is illegal to read WikiLeaks, does not mean that is illegal to read WikiLeaks! Its just WikiLeaks exposes their lies. And thats why they don’t want you to read it.

Conquer and Divide is the strategy the United States mainstream and sometimes alternative stream media is actively involved in. They use their propaganda machine in order to Divide and Conquer, based on race relations, based on income wealth inequality, based on healthcare, based on republican vs democrat, based on do you — based on everything. Divide and Conquer is their method. And it works! We’re seeing that it works! But it only works for negativity. It only works for harming you. It only works for victimizing you.

Let’s take a deep breath.

We are in a Civil War. We really are. Except, the Civil War we are in now is a non-violent Civil War. It is an Information War, and yes, InfoWars took the title — I realize that, and some of their stuff is garbage, and some of it is brilliant. The Information War started after 9/11… well, it actually kind of started after Kennedy… and kind of after Roswell. The Information War is the idea that the Government can classify information it sees as sensitive to its own existence. To a certain degree, that is absolutely necessary.

But should we allow the CIA to continue blackmailing politicians with pedophilia through Jeffrey Epstein in order to continue carrying out the agenda of the CIA? Which is the unconstitutional enterprise in the United States. You’ll find out sooner than later that the CIA had the upper hand in the orchestrating the stand down of 9/11. You might also learn that there was a direct interest from Israel for 9/11 happening and the aftermath that would follow us invading Iraq.

This is going to tough next few days for a lot of you. We having to deal with news and information and negativity like you wouldn’t believe. Like you would not believe. That is going to try to depress you, its going to try to make you upset, its going to try to divide and conquer you. And you know what? If you let it, they’ll win. If you let it divide you — they win. Only through information do you learn as @theshadowbrokers are pointing out, that when we fight amongst ourselves, we forget who our handlers are.

Like for instance, why are we not having daily protests in Washington about #Pizzagate? Why? Why aren’t we doing it? Its because our lives are controlled by the banking system. and its the Banking Cartel (The Money Mafia — Paul Helleyer) that control the CIA. and so as long as the Banking Cartel can convince Congress, through blackmail through, tons of money, through pedophilia, that Corporations are People and that Government services should be ordered to assault People on behalf of Corporations wanting to destroy our environment!

How is that allowed? How is that allowed?! What type of world do we live in? This is what @theshadowbrokers are talking about! If you think @theshadowbrokers are traitors, you are misunderstanding… they are not traitors, they are Patriots! They just want freedom, they want liberty, and justice for all as our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and our Civil Rights have demanded.

Donald trump is being coerced in his campaign rhetoric of defeating ISIS. The reality the situation is, Donald Trump was correct on the campaign trail to assume that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton directly had the upper hand in creating what is known as the Islamic State. Donald Trump is doing and making decision based on the advice of traitors in Washington right now who are trying to provoke World War 3!

Because who benefits from World War 3? The banks! And who gets because of World War 3? You and me. It’s our kids and our daughters and sons and brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers — it would be all of us who would get called into the draft if World War 3 got out of hand. It would be people like me who would be called into the draft.

I don’t want a war that I don’t agree with. I know that its fake. I know that. I understand the system.

This is an Information War. When you understand the playing field… when you understand whats happening to you… whats happening to your family… whats happening to our environment… whats happening around the world where millions of civilians are getting their lives destroyed, by this Deep State. And honestly, this Deep State is roughly 500 people. Former CIA Analyst Robert David Steele was recently by Victurus Libertas VL on YouTube and Mr. Steele stated point blank that William Binney, the former NSA whistleblower, the highest ranking member of the NSA to be a whistleblower, has the ability, the knowledge today, the clearance and the classification levels to communicate with Donald Trump directly about how to get rid of the NSA and move 30% of that is actually useful part, that he designed into the Central Intelligence Agency and then cut the CIA in half, by getting rid of the BlackOps programs… getting rid of the drug smuggling… the pedophilia networks, and all of the stuff they use for blackmail against politicians who are elected by you and me to represent us. They don’t represent us. They really don’t. And they never will while the CIA is able to continue to blackmailing them. The media is deploying divide and conquer on the population in order to keep us from going after the Deep State.

The Deep State blackmails our politicians into doing their bidding. Don’t you understand? The CIA is the root of the problem! The root of the problem! And they just declared war — a relative war — against Wikileaks over Vault7 publications. This is beyond… beyond psychotic what our Government is doing.

Do we need to defeat ISIS? Yes. How do we defeat ISIS? We shut the shut the Central Intelligence Agency down. They’re behind it. When is the President going to realize that. He knew it beforehand both the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the former President Barack Obama were the masterminds behind the Islamic State and using the Central Intelligence Agency as their control mechanism. Now some people have commented on a video that I posted a few days ago with Hillary Clinton speaking at a Congressional hearing saying that she said the following:

“Let’s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago… and we did it because we were locked in a struggle with the Soviet Union.

“They invaded Afghanistan… and we did not want to see them control Central Asia and we went to work… and it was President Reagan in partnership with Congress led by Democrats who said you know what it sounds like a pretty good idea… let’s deal with the ISI and the Pakistan military and let’s go recruit these mujahideen.

“And great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahhabi brand of Islam so that we can go beat the Soviet Union.

“And guess what … they (Soviets) retreated … they lost billions of dollars and it led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“So there is a very strong argument which is… it wasn’t a bad investment in terms of Soviet Union but let’s be careful with what we sow… because we will harvest.

And people are saying that I’m taking it out of context. I’m not taking it out of context. This has been the Council on Foreign Relations plan. This has been executed by the Central Intelligence Agency. Why are we not seeing this? Why are you not seeing this? We’re being controlled by a group of 500 people right now in the Government who control everything. Who are all committing treason.

Robert David Steele pointed out a very interesting metric for me. There are less than 5% of American Citizens who are Jewish. Yet, the relationship the United States has with Israel is stronger than the relationship that it has with Canada. There are more Canadians living in the United States, who are American Citizens, than there are Jews. Now why would the United States pick a relationship with Israel? Why not another country? Seriously?

Ever hear of the Rothschild’s. They’re the center of a major conspiracy known as the Illuminati who were behind the creation of Israel shortly after an unidentified flying object landed in Roswell, MN that threatened the entire Banking Cartel’s existence and they decided to wage war on them and they used Israel as the key ally in creating the most chaos the world has seen in modern history. The chaos in the world prevents humanity from getting access to the technology our millennial generation can unlock for us.

We have within us the ability to clean our environment up, invent in significant medical break throughs, harvest free and abundant solar energy and end our relationship with Oil. Our politicians devote themselves to Israel because thats what is what the media demands of them, and the banking system demands of them, and the Central Intelligence demands of them. It’s because while there is conflict in the Middle East, the United State’s Banking Cartel control how everyone in the world by controlling the source of energy for our economy to function. Scientists like Nicola Tesla discovered Zero Point Energy and the Banking Cartel has been behind preventing the major scientific breakthroughs from getting released. That they put Israel first and say the hell with America.

Thats why we had 9/11. Thats why we have all of the bullshit that we’ve had. Thats why. It’s because we don’t have a government that functions normally. It’s filled with traitors that put the entire United States in Second Place and they put you and I in last place. We’re nothing to them! We’re nothing! And as long as you allow them to continue dividing and conquering you we’re going to continue having war.

We need to demand… ALL OF US need to demand — AMERICA FIRST! And it has nothing to with being anti-Semitic it. It has nothing to do with being racist. It has nothing to do with being sexist. It has to do with America. Now remember, America is a nation of immigrants who assimilate the American Dream that they can work hard, play by the rules, and they can make a living for themselves and they can be who they want to be. Well you know what, there are millions of us who want to be who want to be to make a living, to take care of our families, and we cant! because every-things too expensive.

This is our future. This is our reality! @theshadowbrokers are a group of Patriots who are fighting in a Civil War. They know what the consequences of their actions are are. As a member of the press through my broadcast The Michael Trimm Show, it is my responsibility and duty to provide you, the American people the truth about our society and about our political system.

I wish to re-emphasis how the Deep State is controlling you. You must realize in order to defeat them it will take an enormous amount of effort and energy for you to overcome. You must cancel cable television. All of it. I don’t care if you want to watch sports! Cancel it. Get an individual subscription. Cancel it! Look at alternative sources like NFL subscriptions or NHL subscriptions through smart TVs. You can get most of your TV shows, advertisement free, on YouTube, iTunes Store, Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo, Gaia, and others. You control the content that you consume and you don’t put money into the hands of the people who are doing things in the world that you disagree with. That is their propaganda weapon. They control you with all of their news programs like CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC (or as Lionel Nation says MS-DNC), all of the talk shows like Dr. Phil and others, all of the late night television like Bill Maher, Saturday Night Live, and all of those things; are just propaganda in order to divide and conquer you. Their propaganda is weaponized in movies, desensitizing you to extreme violence. Their propaganda is weaponized in the form of music to shape society and coerce you into ways of thinking. The mainstream media produces content that brainwashes the American people while the advertising companies are using psychological warfare against you in order to build up this suicidal capitalistic society. Right now, they’re winning! And as long as you continue to consume mainstream media, they win. It’s how they hurt you.

And I have to make one final announcement, and that is The Young Turks officially become just as bad as a news channel as CNN. Its nothing but garbage what they’re producing, what they’re talking about. They’re not actually to come up with real solutions to the problem. They’re just sitting their bitching and complaining about things from the liberal perspective. I understand that liberals need to have a perspective, but divide and conquer is how they’re winning! We have to stop it! All of us do! We have to. If we don’t, there will be World War 3! We will all die. At least a majority of us will. I don’t know how else to stress this to you. I don’t. I want a future that is prosperous.

Live Long And Prosperous.