Personal Rant On #GoogleManifesto or #GoogleMemo

Disclosure: I am expressing my own personal opinions. The words on this page represent my views, and only my views. Take of them what you will but they are my personal opinions. Unless I am mistaken, as a US Citizen in the United States of America, it isn’t illegal to have opinions. Right?

Mike Cernovich reported August 10th, 2017 that Dana Rohrabacher, U.S. Congressman representing CA-48 tweeted the following:

I replied back with a tweet storm, for you should consider very carefully what it implies…

Allow Google to censor y our thoughts and feelings through search trends, autocomplete, recommendations, visibility of differing ideas and opinions, etc. and you are living in George Orwell’s 1984.
See how I am playing with the nickname for the intelligence agencies abbreviations all being letters in the “Alphabet” aka… the company that Eric Schmidt, a Clinton Foundation longtime supporter, has controlled dictatorially throughout the past election season.
They also are perfectly happy with providing back door access to their petabytes of “free” data from everything ranging from Gmail to YouTube to all other nearly 100 Google services offered — many of which to major corporations that compete with Google.
Maybe CNN is the Thought Police… #CNNisISIS will soon become #CNNwasWASWAS
I personally object to the CEO of Facebook, so he will forever be known to me as #Fuckerberg.
Did taxpayer dollars go towards the growth of Google, Twitter, and Facebook? Why? Should we mandate they cease and desist all censorship? Maybe they should be forced to pay back all of the tax breaks and refunds and deductions the US tax payers ever gave to them in exchange for them to keep their censorship? Sounds like a fair deal to me… oh… and that number will be in the billions. High billions. Hint: They won’t do it.
See why they all seem to be in on the game?
I realize we can’t shut down Twitter, but we can fix it. It will take guts and true leadership at the top of Twitter. Too bad Twitter is spineless and weak. If they weren’t they would have a serious discussion on how to Make Twitter Great Again #MTGA

I just wanted to point out the irony here with that last tweet. Seriously? Do you see the irony? I am using Twitter complaining that Twitter is censoring people like myself because my political views do not line up with their own political views… at the same time calling for it to be destroyed? No, Twitter needs to drop all propaganda, censorship, etc. that it has going on and allow individuals to self police their own walls with blocking hashtags, people, keywords, and messages that contain things they personally don’t want to see. Make the tools very simple for end users to use, but only allow the end user to control them. Do this, and its possible your stock will be fixed, Twitter.

Wait I thought minimum wage was $15/hr in Silicon Valley? You can’t live on $31,200/year if you tried. You will have debt. You will be owned. Guaranteed.
You know, “buy a home”, “have 2 cars — one for Mom, one for Dad”, “have some kids — like 1 or 2”, go on a family vacation once a year (nothing big), and afford to go out to eat at least once week — since you both are… as you know… work full time. Nobody is at home taking care of the house or the kids… you have to pay for all of them out of pocket.
Means you make $3,076.92/per pay period (26 pay periods per calendar year) taxed at ~ 38% (~25% Gov, ~10% CA, ~3% Medicare/SS) means you take home $1,907.69/every 2 weeks. Just under $4,000/month.

Fun fact, the Silicon Valley company I worked for straight out of college paid me $62,000/year despite the fact that I proved my value by out performing senior level engineers (who are paid over $100,000/year) while an intern working for 2 years prior (through a college co-op program) before being hired full time to receive benefits.

You could literally buy a 2,000 sq ft home, a car, and go on your first European vacation for 2 in less than 2 years after gradation.
$1,000/month in Student Loans would be the average payment needed for private loans over $100,000 in debt. Example apartment “comparable” to a “middle America apartment complex” at Highland Gardens (234 Escuela Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040) costs $2,650 for a 600 sq ft Studio and $3,015 for a 1 bedroom 750 sq ft apartment. $3,015/mo to live in a box that has a toilet and a bed?

No lie, when I interviewed with one of the other massive Silicon Valley companies and asked about the cost of rent versus the “mandate” that I have roommates, the HR manager said to me “it is common for teams to be roommates to help lower the cost of living.” I replied back with: “You’re going to force me to have roommates to work for you?” No thanks Apple.

They punish employees through their oppressive culture that having a family or a life outside of work will get in the way of being able to perform in your job duties.
Is it wrong to say migrant workers? That sounds politically charged doesn’t it… well ask those employees where they come from — where their family lives. If ICE hasn’t deported them yet, they may tell you they’re from all over the world. They are here seeking freedom and prosperity… and they get extorted. Makes me sick to my stomach.

No joke, they pay their kitchen staff horribly. Just ask them. It’s sick how poorly they pay them. They are exploiting them.

Human Trafficking includes labor trafficking. Paying an employee so low of wages that they must give up quality standards of living is exploiting them.
I have a moral objection to the Clinton Foundation charity fraud. I question all who associate and defend it. Including and especially Google.
They aren’t that explicit about the rules… but they’re pretty well understood. You have to be super extraordinary to NOT be a slave at Google, and then you’d just be promoted to a VP position and make millions per year with little to no work involved.

It is important to point out that some may claim that its not #GoogleManifesto’s fault… the cost of living in Silicon Valley is expensive because of high demand. Well… actually, in my opinion it is your fault, #GoogleManifesto. You’re the one who is profiting billions a year… perhaps you could pay your employees living wages in Silicon Valley? No? Yeah… I get it, you need private jets and second vacation homes. I understand.

I was told this point blank by dozens of women who work in Silicon Valley for the tech giants out there. Minimal paid family leave, long hours, mentally exhausting work 8 hours a day, no energy or effort to grow and expand as a family… you must make that choice yourself. Baby sitters are encouraged so you can’t raise your own child.

Disclaimer: I do not live in CA or work in Silicon Valley. I know many people who do and have second hand knowledge of the truths behind life in the Bay Area…

I am their whistle-blower. Those big evil companies like Google and Facebook would fire them for ever having such a rational thought in their head about equal human justice under the law and under society. #LittleLivesMatterToo #SaveOurChildren #SaveOurFuture