President Trump Is About To Take Down Hillary Clinton And The Clinton Foundation

The Michael Trimm Show on YouTube has been right in the front lines of the Great Meme War of 2017 and one of the greatest victims of Google’s massive censorship program to silence Anti-Hillary Commentary. Seriously, has anybody looked into Eric Schdmit’s close ties to the Clinton Foundation? Why is he censoring #Pizzagate and #Pedogate researchers? Why doesn’t Eric Schdmit want commentators on YouTube talking about Seth Rich?

Meme magic is how we destroy the #DeepState and the rigged system. Remember #CrookedHillary? How about #BankFraudBernie? #CountCruz #LyinTed or #ChuckySchumer?

Remember that? #FakeNewsNetwork CNN, right? #FakeNews! #CNNDirt!

Remember CNN threatened to dox a 15 year old kid if he wouldn’t modify his online free speech rights to CNN’s requirement. Since when has CNN been elected the Free Speech police? Trump tweeted that magical meme and what’s happened since then? CNN is on the brink of destruction.

Oh and let’s not forget about #CNNisISIS…

And also don’t forget the chilling fact that…

All while CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, NYTimes, etc. are all trying to sell you allegations of collusion between the Russian Government (President Putin) and Donald Trump to steal the Election from Hillary Clinton. The truth about Hillary Clinton is coming out one way or another.

But before I transition into the main topic of my tweet storm earlier today, here’s this gem…

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Meme Warfare is something real. You can use it today. Think of a brilliant meme to perfectly describe the truth hidden in plain sight? Tweet it to me and I’ll help spread the word.

Come on President Trump. You promised to #DrainTheSwamp and now we’re at a critical impasse. Now on to my soliloquy on Twitter earlier today:

#Pizzagate and #Pedogate need your help to create powerful new memes to take on the elite pedophile ruling class and expose them for who they truly are. Members of the intelligence community… I am calling upon your civic duties you swore to defend in your oath of office. Start leaking all incriminating evidence against the elite pedophiles immediately. Redact all information that could possibly harm the victims. Expose them. Let’s all bring them down. Every elected official… every law enforcement officer… ever FBI agent… every NSA agent… every member of our other government services including our Armed Forces. Start leaking the shit out of this global pedophilia network. This is their achilles heel. It is your constitutional duty. None of this information should be classified. Explain to me how raping and murdering a 1 year old baby protects our National Security interests? Checkmate.

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