United States Just Months Away from Dictatorship

Donald Trump will not be a dictator. Cool your tool if you started hyperventilating about hating our President. Stop committing treason. The United States is dangerously close to a dictatorship. I want to break it down for you and give you my opinion. I have no source telling me the United States is going to become a dictatorship. I have no evidence to support these claims. I am just posing to you a very important philosophical question to everyone, and I want you to answer it truthfully and honestly. When you do, perhaps you will understand what the Political Revolution really is…

Free Speech is being challenged right now in a very politically hot climate. There are roaring fires going on right now from both the hard core left (ANTIFA funded by a Hungarian terrorist, George Soros) and the hard core right (MAGA / AmericaFirst). This fight is one that we must all win, otherwise, the United States will officially become a dictatorship.

Let me break it down for you, nice and simple, okay? A lot of people don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. They think this is just “politics” or what have you. They say things like, “the election was last year, give it up already!” Sorry, I can’t. We can’t. We must defend free speech.

The Shadow Government (or Deep State) is real. They were directly involved in the stand down of 9/11.


They were directly involved in passing the illegal Patriot Act that authorized the President to declare war against any country without going through Congress, and creating the mass surveillance state using tax payer money to keep their secrets safe. The Shadow Government is trying to take down Congress and replace it with a full blown Dictatorship. They make it impossible for Congressmen, Congresswoman and Senators to actually make change and they force their obedience through Pizzagate. They force them to vote in favor of their illegal activity. Anyone who challenges them is murdered. Cat’s out of the bag. Everybody knows this stuff now. It’s in the wide open. You know who the enemy of our country is? It’s the Shadow Government and the Deep State.

Free Speech is the ability to speak your mind. If you don’t think Transgender people are real humans, well sad day for both of you. First nobody should care whether or not you think Transgender people are real humans, and second you shouldn’t care if somebody doesn’t think Transgender people are real humans. Free speech is the unique ability for opposing views to be able to peacefully communicate their concerns and issues without resorting to violence, riots, revolutions, civil wars, wars, etc. Free speech enables peace. All free speech, freedom of thought and freedom of information enables peace. If somebody wants to hate somebody else because they were born or not born in Mexico or Japan or France, they must be able to speak their mind freely so long as there is no violence involved. Free speech enables peace.

We must accept that people have differing views. We must accept that we cannot physically harm others for simply having different views. We must end the slavery that people are trapped into but believing that different views are dangerous and harmful for you. They are not.

We must win this revolution. We are in a civil war. Free speech is the weapon that we must use against the Shadow Government / Deep State. They are trying to shut down Pizzagate and cover that up. They are trying to shut down Wikileaks to prevent Vault 7 from further exposing what the CIA has been up to the past 70 years. They are trying to shut down the fraud in the DNC by murdering Seth Rich and a dozen others in the 2016 Election. All of the victims were people who opposed Hillary Clinton and the Shadow Government.

If Donald Trump sells out, we are going to be faced with a very dangerous precedent. We may lose our Free Speech rights. If that happens, the CIA will have no issue doing to Trump what they did to Kennedy and install Mike Pence as the formal Dictator of the United States.

Patriots, veterans, fellow Americans, we must unite behind defeating the Shadow Government and embrace Free Speech, in all its form. Free Speech enables peace. We need to start the dialogue in disclosing everything the Government knows about Alien Technology. We need full disclosure of what really happened in Roswell, NM. We need to disclosure unlimited free clean energy, anti-gravity vehicles / UFOs, medical advancements, cleaning up our environment, and dropping all dependency on Oil and the modern Banking System.


Dr. Steven Greer has launched a new book called UNACKNOWLEDGED http://amzn.to/2qcf7bO which discloses an imminent False Flag terrorist attack that the Shadow Government is on the verge of doing should they lose the War On Terror (or be overthrown by Trump). This false flag is an alien invasion that is all staged. The amount of fear and chaos they are hoping to create as a result of this would enable them to “legally” authorize the Full Dictatorship of the United States. They could easily pull off another JFK, only this time the lone shooter was a UFO.

The truth is coming out. It will be coming out through the alternative media (sources like me). It will be coming out through Wikileaks’ Vault 7 series. The truth will be coming out through the Shadow Brokers. The truth will be coming out from other groups unannounced yet. Full Disclosure is coming. The Deep State is going to be taken down.

We must defend Free Speech though. It is essential that we keep it in order to have the discussions needed, internationally, to reasonably fix climate change and give this free energy technology to every country on Planet Earth. When this happens, the world is going to change forever. For the good.

Some people will ask me, what happens when you have a terrorist that may use this technology against us — let me retort back to you in the form of a question; do you think they just decided one day to become terrorists, or did something really horrible, really traumatic, happen to them and their family where when they learned about the truth about why they were murdered, they turn out to fight. When you remove that reciprocity for destruction by encouraging Free Speech (all speech including hate speech), you have an opportunity to see the true light that is within all humans. No baby is ever born evil. They just want to be loved and taken care of for as long as required then contribute back to the community, and be something more than just themselves. We all want that. It doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Arab, or whatever alien race you may be; we all want love and peace. Only in fear do we create hate. Free Speech discloses all that you may be afraid of and gives you the right to establish your own boundaries in what you think is right and wrong — and that’s okay with everybody else; on one condition. Free Speech never involves any sort of violence — physical or excessive emotional violence. You speak your mind and you never harm another person. We need to get rid of the guilt.

Disclosure is coming. A Dictatorship is among us. Which side will you be on?

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Michael Trimm