Whistleblower: Chemotherapy is a fraud

Doctor Blows The Whistle On Chemotherapy


Interviewer: Doctor, I want to talk about cancer a little bit… um… various types out there… what are some of the thing you’ve seen in terms of your patients and what it is that you’ve been able to do?

Peter Glidden, BS, ND The MD Emperor Has No Clothes http://www.drglidden.com/

Dr. Glidden: A better thing to talk about in relationship to get well… I will talk about that. Right? A better thing to talk about however is the relationship between profits and cancer in the United States. There was a study that was published, I believe it was in 1994, it was a twelve year program… twelve year study… they looked at adults who had developed cancer as an adult — not childhood cancer but adult cancer, right? And this is the main types of cancers we get here in the United States.

They did a meta analysis of all these people around the world who developed cancer as an adult for twelve years and were treated with chemo. And they looked at the results. And they published the results in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. And the results?

97% of the time, chemotherapy does not work. 97% of the time it doesn’t work. So why is it still used? One reason, and one reason only. Money.

If you go to a medical doctor, an MD, with a sinus infection and that doctor prescribes an antibiotic. He gets no financial kickback. Now… if he prescribes 5,000 you know, of that antibiotic in one month, then the drug company that makes it might send him to Cancun for a conference. Right? But he gets no direct remuneration.

Its not… with chemotherapeutic drugs, its different.

Chemotherapeutic drugs are the only classification of that the prescribing doctor gets a direct cut of. So if your doctor prescribes Chemotherapy for you, here’s how it goes… more or less… the doctor buys it from the pharmaceutical companies for, say $5,000, sells it to the patient for $13,000, insurance pays $9,000, and the doctor pockets the $4,000 difference. And their ought to be a law. The only reason chemotherapy is used is because doctors make money from it. Period. It doesn’t work 97% of the time!

If Ford Motor Company made an automobile that exploded 97% of the time, would they still be in business? No!

This is the tip of the iceberg of the control that the pharmaceutical industry has on us. Most people have no idea.

Now I wrote a book, its called the MD Emperor Has No Clothes, right? In my book I have a bulleted list of 10 questions that every cancer patient should ask their doctor. 10 questions. I’ve had patients kicked out — literally kicked out the oncologists office because the doctor was P.O.’d that the patient was asking him these questions. These are just common sense questions.

Cancer treatment in the United States… we have lost the war on cancer. We have lost the war on cancer. Why? Because… Cancer is not a reductionistic phenomena. Cancer is a holistic phenomenon. And when you try to bring a reductionistic methodology — like drugs and surgery to bear on the holistic phenomenon… you will completely miss the boat each and every time. You cannot do it.

Medical doctors are like color blind art critiques. They can see that that’s a boat, they can see the black and white outline, but they’re completely blind to all of the colors and textures that make up the substance of the thing. Its no different with cancer.

The reason that people get cancer in the United States, and the reason that we have completely lousy outcomes is because Medical Doctors are driving the research bus.

When women get together and do a 5k run for breast cancer… all of that money… do you any of that money goes to nutritional research? Do you think any of that money goes to homeopathic research? Or acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine? Or nature-pathic research? No!

All of it goes to drugs and surgery which DO NOT WORK! Now, why aren’t those women running for Selenium? If every girl in this country took 200 micrograms of Selenium, in one generation we’d eliminate breast cancer by 82%! That’s a big number!

Why aren’t we doing that?

Because medicine in the United States is a for profit industry and most people are completely unaware of this and most people bow down to the altar of MD directed high tech medicine at their own demise…

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