9/11 From the Outside

Made me see myself Inside

The 9/11 Memorial.

Watching the twin towers fall on an office TV in Europe made me feel so small. It was something I had never experienced in my 46 years.

Though our host country was more than accommodating — we still had to get “real” and heed the advise of both local and US governmental officials who swiftly sprung into the defense mode.

For 2 weeks we enjoyed military accompaniment on our commutes home. We hardly had the chance to step back and embrace the entirety of the tragedy because we were still in the sights of potential international terrorism ourselves. It was like having nowhere to hide.

Strangely, however, myself and many others “stepped up” to comfort and console those around us who suffered personally or at least more severely in the wake of the attacks on American soil. It brought us all together. There were no thoughts of class, race, party nor condition. We were all Americans who needed each other.

To look at the news today you have to wonder what should be more important than bending a knee to help a sobbing child or helping a stranger after they have fallen? Grandstanding in senate confirmation hearings-marching in civil disobedience-protesting a brand of shoes-or writing an anonymous letter designed strictly to prick the opposing point-of-view?

Do yourself and your peace of mind a favor and research a situation before you react to an inflammatory piece of social media the next time. Count to ten before you hit the ‘Enter’ key after you’ve written an emotional appeal or a reaction to a comment.

Good things come to those who wait — Social Justice may only be a state of opinion, but Chance favors the prepared mind. Think about that the next time you are driven back to your temporary housing in a place and time far from home. You may actually feel it in your heart for the beautiful life we have and give Thanks.