A Modern Writer’s Fable

“Every time a copywriter loses his job, a bell rings. In the elevator.”

I wanted to be Dave Barry for the longest time in my career. I studied his work every day under a microscope while developing an upper abdominal hernia laughing so hard.

How does he do it? Every darn day?!?

The Answer: He has Talent. He is gifted with a mind that is able to throw ideas and concepts in a blender and come out funny. He is a member of the less than 1% of writers and self-appointed journalists in cyber-space that can make a living writing words.

The bottom line is the available assignments are few and far between.

Well Gee! That does not sound very promising!

It was never intended to be. But that does not stop people from flaming electrons as wildly and as clever as they think they can while innocently (or intentionally) wreaking havoc on the innocent readers of the World.

I Love the movie, by the way.

The DEMOCRACY in all of this is measured by the numbers of people who read your work and then by translating that into advertising revenue. The MORE readers you attract the more money you attract. Pretty simple.

Does a College Degree Guarantee Success?


Can ANYBODY be a Successful Writer?

Yes and No.

Are there Socialist Pigs in Journalism?

Far too many.

Was George Orwell a Visionary?

It seems so.

Do Writers always publish for Good?

Not any more. Whining has become an art form.

Can I make a Living Criticizing President Trump?

Get in Line. I suggest bringing along a tent.

Sincerely Yours, Sonny the Bubble Burster.
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