Dear CNN,

I used to watch you religiously, but you proved to me that people AND corporations can be evil. Power is not just money — Power is Belief in something greater than yourself.

A person who behaves badly with such power and thinks they are greater than reality is mentally ill. That should sum up the life of a serial liar pretty neatly.

And you chose to support such a person and it will not advance her nor your corporation.

Christiane Amanpour at one time was inspiring and I never failed to watch her while living in Europe. I was intrigued that an Iranian woman had broken the mold and made something of herself. CNN International was my bright star.

Now I see that it was all an illusion. A good one, I admit.

Ted Turner has built a mouthpiece for the truly deplorable.

Congratulations. I Hereby Pledge to PROTEST EVERY CNN Advertiser except Trump if he ever stoops so low.

It doesn’t get any better than this.
I Pledge to PROTEST EVERY ADVERTISER on CNN except Trump if he ever does.
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