Here is Election Day!

They don’t require photo ID, but there are other ways to Help a Fair Vote

Make America Great Again.

1st. After you vote, ask to see the polling official responsible for certifying the vote at your specific precinct. Shake their hand and look them straight in the eye. Mention to them that you appreciate their work (they will be paid) and that you hope not to see them in prison. They are the one who will be charged with a felony if your voting precinct discovers fraud.

2nd. Ask how many people have appeared without proper identification and completed an affidavit. You might even stand by the door and count the number of people who walk a long way to the polling place — those not in an automobile — and compare that to the answer you receive. You cannot drive legally without an operators license, so it makes sense that you should have your photo ID with you.

Here is a link to the voter affidavit form

3rd. Know your rights. You can’t campaign or promote any candidate or policy within 100 feet of a polling place. This means you can’t wear your t-shirt or hat or take your protest sign in with you. Tough noogies.

Under state laws, political parties must “qualify” for their candidates to be listed on the ballots and counted. The two major parties are qualified in every state, but the Libertarian Party candidates will appear on the

ballots in only 33 states, the Green Party in 21, and the Constitution Party in 13.

By definition, the names of write-in candidates are not listed on ballots; however, interested candidates must still file various forms of paperwork in 35 states for their votes to be counted, and seven states do not allow write-in votes for presidential candidates. While permitted in the remaining eight states, votes for write-in candidates may not be counted or reported by local registrars.

Even after the end of this year’s political conventions and the statutory period to qualify for the ballots in individual states, steps could still be taken by alternative candidates, such as Bernie Sanders or an establishment Republican, to register a willingness to accept write-in votes in those states where they are permitted.

See? I told you so.

Lastly. Remain pleasant and do not be confrontational at any time. Pretend like you are in Church or at a Library. This is not a social event nor a fashion show. If you see something suspicious write it down and be as specific as you can. You have the right to CHALLENGE a vote total with the voter registrar for any reason and it cannot be ignored. The procedures may vary by your location, but it is available to you.

Thank You and God Bless America