Liberals Today Are Artisan Fools

Bullshit Walks Where Bullshit Talks

You may think this is a Polka, but it is really a Clown Band at the DNC playing “Roll Out the Dipshits” to thundering applause.

Literally — Democrats are self-exploding more and more everyday as the majority wakes up to the BULLSHIT.

Let me give you a simple example. Artisan Soda.

At first the left wants to discredit this notion because it promotes a lower-class ideology — but after closer examination you see that the louder and more influential “Tin-Hats” are they appear already there!

It’s BULLSHIT. A Liberal in America today wants to tell you how to live. Why? They want to conceal their own aristocracy by shaming the masses into submission.

Back to the Premise

What is the objective? Anarchy? Total Confusion? Maybe it is simply saving face. Who knows? There is no moral or logical argument the grand left can eschew to explain the repressive and dangerous agenda to upseat progress by our legally elected POTUS. Please STFU!!!