Millions on Social Media Fooled Again

Viral Obama Houston Photo a Fake from 2 years ago

If you thought we were finally free of fake media hyping Barack Obama just because he’s not president anymore, think again.

The Daily Caller reports that a photo of Obama has been circulating around the internet, accompanied by lavish praise for his generosity (and a hint of partisan sniping). The photo below was captioned, “something you’ll never see Trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!”

It got nearly 15,000 likes and 8,000 retweets in a day, but there was just one problem: Obama hasn’t served food to hurricane victims this week. In fact, that photo isn’t even from this year. It’s from 2015. In it, he and the First Family are actually serving Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter.

As the DC’s Jena Greene snarked:

I mean come on, internet. The woman on the right is wearing a bulky cable knit sweater. How many people have you seen wearing heavy winter attire in Texas in August? You people spend your days going over music videos and cryptic celebrity tweets with a fine tooth comb. Couldn’t you have at least cracked this puzzle?

Indeed. As to the original “point” of the photo, the meal Obama actually served was a fine thing, but it was also a classic tradition/photo op every president partakes in at some point, so of course Trump will as well.

So how much longer do you predict we’ll be plagued by fake Obama news?
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