My Morning at Planned Parenthood

Didn’t go off as we had planned it

This fierce Grandmother of 10 was verbally assaulted by a worker from A.M. Services in Ann Arbor on Wednesday, September 27th in front of PP.

Sandie Gildner Weathers is a very active practicing Roman Catholic committed to educating humanity about the sanctity of human Life.

She is currently directing the local chapter of 40 Days For Life and oversees a 40 day prayer vigil taking place in front of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic at 3100 Professional Drive in Ann Arbor.

I was scheduled to take over her shift at 8:00am this morning, but for some divine reason I decided to go early — and I’m glad I did. I got to witness first-hand the verbal abuse and the absolute inhumane behavior of a man who claimed to be more concerned for his insurance liability than he was for his manners. That is not the point of the story, however. That was only the prelude.

Sandie and Sister Gail Lancaster offer their devotions.

I am not trying to pitch negative superlatives about A.M. Services — I personally know several crew members around town — in fact the worker accompanying the abuser this morning was quite polite and pleasant and had no trouble at all asking Sandie and I to move our materials out of the way to mow the grass.

  • *Everybody has a bad day once in a while. They just do not consider the consequences of a trigger temper and the somewhat understandable fury which they might levy against an innocent.**
  • Alas — the Police were called because the rhetoric had heightened into threats and the verbal abuse mounted to an assault.
The HERO of Ann Arbor 40 Days For Life — Eden — arrived with his Grandmother to take over my shift and he shared the Gospel with the PP Security Guard.

The Ann Arbor Police came and went. Sandie had phoned the initial report “off” after the lawn crew had apparently left the scene in front of Planned Parenthood.

Sandie was visibly distressed. I was drawn to embrace her and reassure her that she had done nothing to infuriate this lawn worker who maintained a foul attitude (for whatever reason).

Two things struck me about this single hour on a balmy Michigan morning. The sky during sunrise was breathtaking. It was a painting of Hope and Peace. Souls were visited by miracles of His Word and Deed this morning — one successfully SAVED child from the horrors of abortion in this very clinic crossed his mercy with the security guard who could only listen and smile at Eden’s gurgling and thrashing feet (wearing Mutant Ninja Turtle socks, no less) and another who would report a conflict that resulted in no injuries.