“Seek Mentors Not Money”

The Wisdom of Glenn E. “Bo” Schembechler

In my career I have had the distinct privilege of having interacted with Bo Schembechler several times. But I am not a football player. I was a cymbal player in college. I am a regular guy who was raised in an average and somewhat dysfunctional midwest family like thousands of others. (Ed. Another great piece on Schembechler came out on Nov. 17th by Detroit News Writer Angelique Changelis HERE )

We grow and learn from our environment. We mature when life events make impressions and take root in the soul.

It is with that thought that I made the first ‘connect’ with Bo. That was when I was in my first year at Michigan, but not within the confines of the university. It was at a banquet for the Michigan Amateur Athlete of the Year which happened to be given for another eventual friend, Rob Lytle. I was sitting at a table with my Father when my name was called from the podium. The voice belonged to Ray Lane.

Bo was also seated at the head table and perked up when Ray said, ”We have another University of Michigan Star here tonight that I want to introduce before we start the ceremony.” He continues, “…..but it’s not Coach Schembechler. We all know him. Gentlemen, please give a hand for Tom Urich Jr. of the Michigan Marching Band!” I couldn’t believe my ears. My Dad had set me up. He knew Ray Lane from another event somewhere (probably a bar at a car show) and had done this as a joke for entertainment purposes. Sure, a lot of guys laughed their guts out, but you know who did not? Bo Schembechler.

That affected me differently than anything else that night. Bo had struck me as my Father could not in this situation. With Honor and Respect. But in a strange way — it was the same! Both of those men had a lot in common. Both were tough and sometimes awkward looking at first glance, but the heart was in the right place from the very start.

Back to the subject at hand. Mentors not money. So I guess the apple does not fall very far from the tree, so to speak. If you think I am trying to establish a lesson in Life you are exactly correct.

Hillary’s Mentor. Not exactly a mistake. This is her personality. Would she ever try to lie about this? Has she ever issued a sincere apology? She can’t deny this nor her affinity for Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project.

Fast Forward to TODAY.

The media seems to think that they can persuade and/or influence the general attitude and opinion of the voting public at large. It is painful for someone who used to believe in Truth in the newspapers. But it is a business trying to sell books and magazines and paper and it is going away. So they have to produce something that will get you to pull out your wallet. They seek controversial news AND they promote any cause for MONEY. Just like relatively leisure lawyers chasing ambulances. (They are not all bad.)

“Lay Down Your Laws”

Here is where I will blend character and personal history into politics. This is not a 30 second soundbite nor an expensive television commercial painting pictures of tyrants and waving skeletons from closets about. We are literally being forced to choose which bad deeds are worse and select the lesser of two evils as superior.

I did graduate and left Ann Arbor. I made my way in the world and had made a terrible mistake — a really bad decision. To make a long story short — I had another interaction with Bo while laying in a bed in intensive care at Henry Ford Hospital. Who had come to visit me? What?? This was not a joke. This was Bo Schembechler at the request of an esteemed friend visiting me while I was in my cast and bandages and floating in an induced coma. But this was not the last time we crossed paths.

I got to see Bo again with Gerald Ford at Crisler Arena (so named at the time). I was on stage with him at the Hollywood Palladium during the Big Ten Conference Dinner for the Rose Bowl. I was again on a stage in Washington D.C. at a US Congressional Dinner. I was not in the marching band anymore, but I was still a musician in the wings at a lot of neat happenings.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I know Bo pretty well by now. But I know him from places where the strategy for offense and defense are not X’s and O’s.

We still pass each other. On a Boblo Boat Cruise. At a fund raiser. Outside his front door singing Christmas Carols. And finally the last time at Lunch with Jim Brandstatter. I was not their guest, by the way. They just happened to be eating at my clients’ pub and I was in the right place at the right time. I shook Bo’s hand and thanked him for the hospital visit. He said it looked like I made a pretty good recovery. That was the last time our ships would pass on Earth.

So Here is my point. Bo Schembechler would never have voted for Hillary Clinton.

Bo was kind. Bo was wise. Bo cared about the people he worked with and even more so, he cared about the people who cared for him. He probably thinks nothing of Donald Trump except a respect for his success and power (at the time of his passing in 2006) and even if Trump threw sideline markers or corralled a player or lost his temper — he would understand that is not what he is made of. Ask Bobby Knight. BUT — he knows a person who lies and has no respect for others is not a person at all. Sure — the MSM will pull out every dirty piece of lint they can find and even fabricate conclusions and compare Trump to Hitler. But I am a lot more convinced by what she has done than what the MSM says Trump has done in the past. And she lied and manipulated facts and truth right through the DNC this year and in front of a Grand Jury and the FBI.

You know who I am actually reminded of by Hillary Rodham Clinton?