The Bigger Lie

The ‘Left’ is getting very nervous now . . . .

Dinesh D’Souza gets hacked concurrently with the release of his new book, “The Big Lie” and who do you think stands to benefit? You don’t have to look very far from the scene of the crime nor much past the eyes of the fact-checkers (brown-shirts) to uncover the truth.

The Facts speak for themselves.

The most vocal Liberals are attempting to sidetrack the logical comparison to the tactic being employed by the Democrat Party and the so-called ‘Progressives’ by casting the The Big Lie as an even Bigger Lie. It’s the same old story and same old use of propaganda in an attempt to shift emphasis away from any individual reasoning by readers of the book by using the sheer volume of contradictory bull-splat.

If you recall getting into an argument when you were say, 7 or 8 years of age, you’ll understand the modus operandi. “The Big Lie” contests the conventional wisdom that the ideologies behind genocidal tyrants Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler belong on the right side of the political spectrum. The Reality?

Inaugurations were not being disrupted with protests from masked mobs when Obama was elected. Either time. But who is it that is burning cars? Who is blocking conservative speakers from campus? Which group continues to construct controversy — create scandals-delay executive appointments-file nonsensical litigation and obstruct orderly procedures? Who is attempting to silence the news of any advantages already realized since President Donald Trump has taken office?

The American Democrat Party

Curiously, a majority of ‘scholars’ identify Nazism in practice as being a form of far-right of politics. Completely reversed! When asked in an interview whether he and the Nazis were “bourgeois right-wing” as alleged by their opponents, Hitler responded that Nazism was not exclusively for any class, and indicated that it favored neither the left nor the right, but preserved “pure” elements from both “camps”, stating: “From the camp of bourgeois tradition, it takes national resolve, and from the materialism of the Marxist dogma, living, creative Socialism.” Or in other words:

The American Democrat Party — Shit Stinks Internationally
Proof that I can’t possibly know what I am talking about — I was an AMERICAN who ascended to the post of Master in a German Freemasonry Lodge. I am not tooting my horn — but I’ll bet you 1 and raise you 2 that your rebuttal has no grounds in reality.
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