The Detroit Tigers Saga (updated)

A Sad Story Wrapped in an Enigma

Go Get ’em Tigers!

If you grew up in Detroit (or in the suburbs thereof) you are a hearty soul. You know what losing is like and you know what joy it is to win.

It’s not at all like a presidential election where you get to debate and/or whine and/or protest and/or reject your friends and family. You have Tigers in your blood and you can’t find an antidote.

As of TODAY — September 1st in the 2017th year of our Lord — the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club stands 16 games under .500 baseball at 58–74. They just traded away Justin Verlander to the ‘Asstros’ and J-Up to the ‘Halos.’

That means they have played 132 games so far — which also means 30 games to go. IF the Tigers were to win EVERY GAME for the rest of the regular season they would finish at 88–74. The problem is — the Indians are already at 76–56. They would literally have to lose 20 games of the remaining 30 to allow the miracle to occur, while the Tigers could only lose 2.

Brad Ausmus “accidentally” spits on the umpire after being ejected. Classy.

Question: What is the worst record the Tigers had when they made the playoffs? The answer: the 1972 Detroit Tigers went 86–70 (.551) where they lost in the ALCS under Billy Martin. (Shorter regular season)

That means they could conceivably still make the playoffs. That is if they play .933 baseball the rest of the way. That would be 28–2. Since the original writing of this piece they have played less than half that well — .375. The magic number for the end of the dream? Two more losses. Two more losses and the season dream is OVER. It’s still August.

The ONLY team playing .695 baseball or better (or even close) is The LA Dodgers right now and they have the best record in the majors already.


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